Reasons why your SEO campaign is not working

Like any area of our lives, we make mistakes. It is natural too to make some few mistakes when it comes to SEO campaigns. These mistakes can be intentional or unforeseen.

The bottom-line is that mistakes will cost your business a huge deal, from Google de-indexing your website to low search rankings. It is essential to use a SERP rank checker to see the rank of the keyword to be used.

When we encounter these problems, we tend to consult any self-proclaimed SEO expert, resulting in more damage. Others will opt to do things on their own. Reading article after article but in the end, making a laughing stalk out of themselves.

Before engaging in SEO, there are many factors to consider such as investment, patience, your target market and the like.

Is your SEO campaign simply getting you nowhere?  Here are reasons why;


As the wise saying states, Rome was never built in one day. The same applies to get the best out of your SEO campaign.

You will need to put in the time, a lot of time for that matter to come up with well SEO optimized content. In the background, you will need to do a lot of content writing and link building which take a lot of time.

SEO is not a quick fix to get rich. It takes a lot of patience and investment before any visible returns can be witnessed. Do not think that pumping in a few dollars will result in a top-notch website. Don’t look for drastic results in the first few weeks, at least give yourself some few months.

Not investing in the right way

For impeccable results, you will need to hire experts. Even though you decide to go at it on your own, be ready to shell out Bucks for hosting, maintenance and also for monetization. Not to forget a lot of content writing and link building.

Be wise on how you invest, don’t beat yourself too much and neither should you be too stingy. Do you want quality results? Pay for that worth.

Poor content

Content on your site can be poor or copypasted from other sites. Google penalizes for such content. Be eager and willing to post meaningful and rich content.

Post content that people are willing to engage offer solutions through your content. Let customers find the information they are searching for not a bunch of fluffy content.

A point to take home is, Google using the Panda algorithm will filter out websites with thin content. Instead of posting on a regular basis, target to provide quality posts once in a while.

Poor backlinks

Backlinks form the bulk of how successful your website will be. Spammy and poor inbound links can cause some adverse penalties from Google. Your site can be de-indexed simply because the links don’t even match the content on your site.

It is therefore essential to use tools such as Moz’s Open Site Explorer to look for poor inbounds links.

Not using social media

For optimum marketing, including the use of social media. If you only use your website for marketing strategies, owe unto you.

Social media will help you get more audience and hence increased traffic to your site which can result in higher conversion rate.

Not tracking results

Like any other business, you want to track results. You cannot just post few contents optimize it and expect results out of the blues.

You need to monitor your results daily. Analyze how traffic is behaving, where and when traffic is at its peak.

It is possible by using tools at hand. Google has provided Google Analytics. It gives you informed details about traffic, conversions, and sales. It is the go-to tool to help you track performance.

Unresponsive website

Nowadays people are using smartphones and tablets more than they use laptops and computers. Therefore having your business accessed through smartphones should be a top priority.

Otherwise, you will watch your business suffer a colossal blow resulting in losses.

Working with the wrong people

Be prudent enough in your investment. Hire qualified personnel to handle this task.

Seek to be provided with previous tasks they have worked on. Gauge from the results and choose your best fit. Most agencies or freelancers will drain you of your money producing substandard quality work.


From the above list, you can gauge and see some of the mistakes you could be overlooking. SEO campaigns are actually the best move to create brand awareness and drive more sale if done in the right manner.

Before embarking on such campaigns always have your target market in mind. Then, choose the best action-plan to drive results. That way you will boast of a bona fide success.


  1. Impatience feels like a blanket mistake online buddy. SEO-wise, blog-wise, anything-wise. Folks fear, hurry, get even more desperate and destroy their SEO campaigns. No way to succeed until you see your campaign through, thinking of the long haul versus day to day results.


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