Samsung openly copied Apple’s Face ID logo

Is another lawsuit on its way?

Samsung’s keynote may not have been a hit but it will be remembered for a long time. At CES 2020, Samsung’s keynote demonstrated the features of Samsung Pass but what grabbed attention is a little logo that reminded people of its nemesis Apple.

Image Source: Trusted Reviews

Samsung blatantly copied Apple’s Face ID logo and displayed it in its CES keynote ‘Age of Experience’ which was about demonstrating Samsung Pass. This could be a PR nightmare for Samsung but not worse than its Note 7 debacle. But according to iMore, they aren’t similar. It describes that the lines seem a bit thicker and intimate while the corners are a tad bit less rounded.

Samsung openly copied Apple's Face ID logo

This could be intentional or an honest mistake. But the fact that the head of the company’s consumer electronics division, H.S. Kim was demonstrating it is a bit tricky. The icon was on the display for over 15 seconds. The fun part is that Samsung does not use this icon in its software or packaging.’

It will be interesting to see is Apple files a lawsuit. After all, Samsung and Apple have been embroiled in lawsuits – the former being the initiator. This isn’t the first time Apple’s products or services are being cloned. Recently, Xiaomi launched AirDots Pro 2 that completely resembles Apple’s AirPods, while many Android manufacturers blatantly copied iPhone X’s notch.


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