Samsung Indefinitely Delays The Launch Of Galaxy Fold

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Fold devices a week ago and it is already in the news for all the wrong reasons. After news of the Fold’s faulty display broke out, critics have been questioning its hefty price tag which didn’t even last for 2 days. In a fresh development, Samsung has delayed the launch of Galaxy Fold in all countries and the reason given is the “on-going investigation.”

Samsung also said that they’ll be announcing the new launch date in coming weeks. Earlier, April 26 was set for the launch of the $2000 phone worldwide. Galaxy Fold screens showed they could be “associated with impact on the top and bottom exposed areas of the hinge,” Samsung said.

The Fold products given for a review were at the beta level, meaning, it wasn’t the final version and the April 26th launch could have seen Samsung launch a final version. The critics started facing issues with the display going black after they had removed the “protective layer,” which Samsung had warned about on the box. While a majority of reviewers faced the same issues, some reported seeing a bulge on the display, which was subtle at first but damaged the display later on.

Back in 2016, Samsung suffered a major legal blow as the batteries of Samsung Note 7 blew up, eventually stopping its production. Since then, people had qualms about buying a Samsung phone but the sales of Note 9 and S10 series show vast improvement. Galaxy Fold might add to the existing taints of Samsung, which was avoidable for a company the size of Samsung.

The launch events were postponed in Hong Kong, China, Spain, and Singapore. There is no word as to when Samsung was planning on launching Fold in India but it’s definitely not happening now.

The kerfuffle caused by Samsung Fold is echoed due to its price and a tag of a new technology, which is a super premium device. Samsung must provide in-depth information about the cause of the display breakage and employ people to enhance the final product.



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