Samsung losing its users to Pixel and One Plus in the US

According to new a report from Counterpoint Research, Samsung owners are migrating to Pixel and One Plus smartphones in the past couple of months. Over a third of Pixel 3 and OnePlus 6T users were previous Samsung users, which is saying something. This comes as a huge shock for Samsung but was somewhat expected as the Pixel and One Plus have been innovating and experimenting which has swayed a lot of users.

Samsung’s recent smartphone sales might be a major reason for this shift. S8 and S8 Plus felt like a revolution compared to the S7 and S7 Edge whereas S9 series came with newer processors and a camera which could control the aperture. These few changes weren’t enough as it reflected in their sales.

Jeff Fieldhack, Research Director at Counterpoint Research, said in a statement, “The newest Google Pixel line-up was certainly successful in terms of disrupting the premium market space at Verizon. Google invested a lot of marketing money during Q4 2018, resulting in strong sales of the Google Pixel 3 line-up. Over half of all new Pixel 3 owners came from Samsung.”

Pic Credits: Counterpoint Research

31% Samsung Galaxy S7 owners migrated to Pixel 3, which is a huge feat. All blame cannot be shifted to Samsung as Google has been churning great camera phones and was once crowned as the Smartphone Camera King (recently decrowned by Huawei’s P30 Pro), while One Plus phones offer a flagship phone experience at half the price of its rivals, giving users a buttery-smooth performing phone.

“Both the Pixel and 6T devices show that there is room to innovate in the market. While Samsung and Apple are dwarfing others in size, marketing spends, and consumer perception, there are pockets of users that are still interested in alternatives,” Fieldhack noted.

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