Samsung could ditch the Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy S11

The technology was provided by Qualcomm.

Samsung was the last of the manufacturers who stuck with the now-nonexistent tech, the 3.5mm headphone jack. Many were shocked to see the Note 10 series ditch the headphone jack, which was known for being a kitchen-sink device. It seems they are biting their own fingernails as the ultrasonic fingerprint that debuted with the Galaxy S10 devices would not see the light of the day.

Samsung could ditch the Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy S11
Image Source: SlashGear

About a month ago, a flaw was detected which could let any user unlock an S10 phone with its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner even though the prints weren’t registered. The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner would validate anyone when the phone would have a simple screen protector installed. The flaw was fixed in a security update but this left a dent in Samsung’s image as many banks around the world banned the tech for obvious reasons.

A report now suggests that the South Korean firm could very well ditch this technology, starting with the S11, with a simple and fast optical in-display scanners. OnePlus and Vivo phones equip this tech. Korea Times reported, “The latest security issue showed that the new technology has obvious limits.“ The ultrasonic fingerprint was provided by Qualcomm which was introduced back in December 2018.

The irony is that Samsung opted for the ultrasonic fingerprint, despite it being slower than the optical ones, as it was assumed to give Samsung phones an edge over the other smartphone makers. The rumor mills are ripe with rumors and if this turns out to be true, Qualcomm would have to speed up its tech along with major security improvements.



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