SEO Basics for Blogging Beginners: The Only Guide You Need

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is nothing more than a nightmare for most of the new bloggers. While they want to start out with their blogging passion and career but have no idea how to reach their audience. Well, to give your passion a little push, we have answered a few questions that might be haunting your mind, and have listed a few SEO basics for blogging beginners.

SEO Basics for Blogging Beginners

What the hell is SEO, and why do I need it?

In simple words, SEO is the magic wand that can make your site visible on the very first page in the search engine’s results pages. Only a blogger knows how important this little thing is, and how difficult either. SEO involves multiple methods and techniques that can help you achieve the top spot and ultimately more viewers.

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While creating the blog and content is just the first half of the story, the second half is how you make your content reach a wider audience. It was reported that about 70% of the total web traffic comes from organic searches on search engines. So, it becomes even more important to optimise your blog and content to gain a higher spot in search engine’s listing.

SEO Basics for Blogging Beginners

So, what do I need to do for optimising my content?

Search Engine Optimisation is not a rocket science, and you just need to keep in mind a few things that can help your content get higher ranking in search engine results pages. Below mentioned are a few SEO basics for blogging beginners that will ensure a better position in the search results.

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Keyword will take you to the top of the ladder

The keyword is not a fancy thing that you need to dig into; rather, it isn’t a deal of more than a couple of minutes. Search engines, including Google, depending on the keywords to provide the viewers with the most relevant articles. So you have to be very precise with the primary keyword of your article to get a better rank in the search results. And that’s the reason for keyword being on the top of the list of SEO basics for blogging beginners.

And where to find a perfect keyword? Well, Google itself provides an array of products that will help you find one. You can use Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner tool to search for a spot on a keyword that is directly related to the article’s topic. Also, Google Trends can be used to find the keywords that the audience is actually searching on Google. This will help you gain even more viewers.

Make sure not to stuff the article with keywords, thinking that it will give you the better ranking. The search engines’ bots are smart enough to determine such activities, and the blog can be penalised for the same. The keyword density should be 2-4%; that means you can include the keyword 2-4 times in every 100 words of the article.

Zero in on the quality of your content

While regularly publishing articles is important, maintaining their quality is even more important. You must create your own unique content that is to the point, and at the same time, it should be easy to read free from grammatical errors. Many beginners make a mistake of publishing duplicate content, which ultimately hampers their credibility and even violates the search engines’ guidelines.

SEO Basics for Blogging Beginners

Likewise, images also form an important part of the quality content. You should make sure to use only the relevant royalty-free images, and if they bear a copyright, then don’t forget to give credits. Alternate text in the images helps the search engine crawlers to ‘read’ the images. So to ensure better visibility in search results, mention the appropriate alt text that accurately explains the pic.

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User’s experience on your website

Talking about the most important point in SEO basics for blogging beginners, you should focus more on giving a better experience to the viewers than your rankings or earnings. Eventually, search engines are now giving more importance to the websites that give better overall experience to their user. Google and all other search engines evolving to not only rely on keywords, but also on various other factors to serve the user with better, relevant and high-quality content.

The user should be able to find the information immediately that she/he was looking for, without experiencing any broken links. Moreover, the website or blog should be really fast and responsive for better ranking. Have you noticed the ‘slow to load’ tag before certain websites in Google search results? Well, you definitely don’t want this for your site.

Apart from these, the website should be compatible with all major device sizes and platforms, be it iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, Windows PC or a Mac. And the user experience should be consistent on all the platforms. Also, you shouldn’t let the viewer leave after reading just one article on your site. Make them read multiple articles on your site by way of suggesting closely related articles, internal linking, etc.

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Why not make your search results more attractive

Having a search result with rich media, and multiple other interactive options increase the chance of the user clicking on your link manifold. There are a lot of ways in which you can make use of the rich snippets.

SEO Basics for Blogging Beginners

The snippets let you display author’s name, review ratings, user ratings, product prices, and even the list of tracks in an album, depending on the genre of your blog. And doing all this is made quite easy by the search engines themselves. Top search engines collaborated to form, which provides multiple HTML tags for making your website search results even more interactive.

There is not one, but many ways to optimise your content and website for better visibility on search engines’ results pages. This guide of SEO basics for blogging beginners will help the newbie bloggers to live their passion for blogging much more effectively, and who knows you might be a big brand very soon!

This is a guest article by Megha Tayal.

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  1. Hello Megha Tayal
    It was an amazing content.I learned a lot from this post.

    But I have a question for you

    1.Which Type of content you say a high-quality content

    Sahil Suman
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  2. i think i like this, how you are able to site examples and make it easier for all beginners to see good use of this. great post by you here. everyone still needs to always go back on this and read through again.

  3. Thank you for this input about SEO for blogging. I’ve learned the basics just from snooping around online, and Im glad I did. But I know I have tons of more things to learn.

  4. SEO is a constant thing when you have a site. I liked all these tips. It’s reminded me to perform an SEO checkup on my site. I haven’t done this in awhile. I’ll be using these tips as a guide. Thanks again 🙂

  5. Great detailed post. I think most people starting out do not realize the value of SEO or why they need it and not only that is once you get started it’s really not hard at all

  6. The contributor doesn’t have a name?

    Well, just asking… 🙂

    So, these tips are actually cool and they are in fact the very basis of SEO and if well deployed can render ones blog as somesort of traffic generating machine and what that would mean is that you are going to make a lot of money, which is why we are in business in the first place.

    Thanks for sharing this and I will definitely make use of some of them, even though I don’t think me to be a novice. 🙂


  7. SEO is always a challenge. I see so many companies that could do better at this. I always like reading SEO tips. There’s always something to learn. And it’s great to get organic visitors.

  8. Hello,

    SEO is an important factor which can help you to get success for your blog. Most of the basic SEO techniques are added here which are important to implement. Thanks for sharing this useful article.

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  9. No doubt SEO is the real factor to take your blog on top of the ladder….even following ON page SEO will be helpful to beat your competitors….creating high quality backlinks might be little difficult…writing quality post regularly with SEO will surely improve the blog performance in search engine…!!great post of SEO..thanks of sharing..!!

  10. Hi Megha,

    You already covered some of the important SEO topics and knowing these can help new bloggers in many way.

    But I would like to add few more –

    – Niche related links
    – Long form content
    – Dwell time & bounce time
    – HTTPS
    – Loading Speed

    These will also help in rankings. Thanks!


    Shafi Khan


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