Shopify Plus – How to Get the Best Shopify Experts For Your Project

Obtaining the right Shopify Plus experts will take some time. When planning to hire Shopify experts, you need to find out if they’re qualified to complete your project. Here are the 5 most important questions you need to ask them:

Shopify Plus

Question 1: Did you work on Shopify Plus Before? If so, What Clients Have You Worked With?

Here you’re going to want concrete evidence that the experts you hire have experience in their portfolio with Shopify Plus. Using Shopify isn’t enough. Shopify Plus has a lot more API’s and features that you need to know, and your Shopify expert needs to know how to utilize them for your benefit.

You should request for live URLs and be able to see their work on their portfolio. Shopify Plus merchants sell and expect a lot more for their website designs. So you have to make sure that your development team can handle your requirements as a client.

Question 2: What Are The Benefits of Shopify Plus?

If you’re trying to hire Shopify experts, they need to give you reasons why you should use the application that they’re an expert in. You might have to learn the technical stuff in order to understand what they mean. This is because the advantages of Shopify Plus are rather technical. Your experts should be able to explain them in a clear and concise way so you can utilize Shopify Plus.

Question 3: Are You Able to Code Ruby For Shopify Plus Ruby Scripts?

This isn’t a major necessity, but your Shopify Plus developer should be able to program in Ruby. Ruby Script is a powerful app that allows you to make custom code and deploy it on on the same server without having to use a third party app which forces you to depend on a few servers.

Question 4: How Long Does it Take For You to Fix Problems in Shopify Plus Stores?

Usually, Shopify Plus stores have higher sales. This means that each minute of downtime can lead to a lot of lost sales. Thus, you need to hire Shopify experts that can fix technical and downtime issues quickly. Your Shopify developer should have a clear procedure on how they’ll handle work and emergencies on your site.

Does your Shopify developer have a phone number? How long does it take for them to reply to emails? Do they have office hours? There are some developers that take 3+ days to respond to emails, and this can be bad for your business if you’re upsetting customers or losing sales.

Question 5: How Many Programming Languages Do You Know at An Advanced Level?

Programming is an important part of making a Shopify website. And if you’re trying to make  Shopify Plus site, you can’t have a professional that doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Your Shopify expert should be experienced in HTML, CSS, Liquid, and Javascript. Ideally, they should be good at coding in Ruby. For bonus points, they should be good at coding in PHP. PHP will help them create external applications which can come in handy if your project requires it.

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Basically, your Shopify Plus website will need a team of experts if you want to experience long-term success. By asking these questions, you’ll be able to pick out the ones who are going to add value to your site. So speak to them and see how they answer your questions before letting them embark on your project!


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