The Only Skills That Project Managers Need To Master In 2018

Project Management has become the lifeblood of every organization, given its effectiveness in improving management and agility. In fact, A report also suggests that more than 15.7 Project Management jobs are about to be added from 2010 to 2020. After all, project managers are in high demand for every industry, whether it’s construction, IT or any others. Though Project Management offers a rewarding professional career, managers need to be masters of certain skills to keep up with emerging industry requirements. Using a simple project management software is only a tip of the iceberg. If you are thinking to get into project management or needs to organize your company’s project schedules, these are the skills you must be looking forward to master.

1. Communication

Skills That Project Managers Need To Master
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A research study says that most of the managers spend their 90% of the time in communicating with people, which brings this skill at the top of the required list for project managers. Whether it is verbal or nonverbal, both forms of communication are equally important for the success of a project. This could include the establishment of targets, taking care of the requirements, negotiation, planning, and implementation of the strategies. Thus, effective communication skills are required to make a project successful.

2. Leadership

Project managers must lead their team from the front, taking leadership to one of the most sought after skills on the list. Being a leader, they play an important role in the success of the projects they are working on with their team. It is completely up to their leadership skills how they carry their team members and how they motivate them to successfully achieve all the required targets on time. Other than this, leadership also covers various other aspects such as setting up the right direction for the team and inspiring them to follow the strategies. Leadership is all about what you want to achieve as a team and setting the right strategies to fulfill the vision of the project.

3. Negotiation

Almost every project manager has to negotiate at different stages of their job such as meeting deadlines, managing budgets, optimizing resources and the scope of the project. To smoothly keep things running, project managers have to keep everyone happy; whether it’s their clients or internal teams. They need to figure out and understand the requirements of stakeholders and clients to establish healthy terms,  which is a win-win situation for everyone. Failing to manage all these can cause serious issues which can damage the work relationships between the team members.

4. Time Management

Skills That Project Managers Need To Master

Project management is all about delivering the assigned tasks on time and meeting the deadlines. To achieve that, project managers need to work on their time management techniques to firmly grip the project. Not only they need to manage their own time, but also need to track team performance to manage their time effectively. They need to make sure that their team is producing good results in terms of efficiency and productivity without wasting their time on unproductive tasks or those that can wait.

5. Risk Management

Dealing with risks as effectively as possible is very important for the project managers to stay in control and keep moving. Forgoing risk management can lead to project turmoil at a later stage, playing spoilsport on all efforts incurred. As soon as identifying the problems, it is very important to assign the recovery process to it so that it can normalize the process. Project managers also need to make sure that they have an effective backup plan to deal with all kind of risks that can occur at any stage of the project. The chances of delivering the project on time entirely depend on how the project managers are dealing with the risks.

6. Expertise

As project delivery relies completely on the shoulders of project managers, they need to have good knowledge of the project and other related things for a successful delivery. They should know that what technologies, tools and platforms that can be used to achieve the required goals. Understanding these facts is very crucial for notation, accurate time and cost estimation, for deciding how milestones can be achieved. This knowledge is also important for project managers to interact with their team members, clients, stakeholders, and suppliers.

7. Teamwork

Skills That Project Managers Need To Master
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Apart from motivating the team, project managers also require observing the proceedings with an operational point of view, and that is where team management skills of project managers play the crucial role. If leadership means inspiring and motivating the team, team management is all about how you move along in a right direction as a unit. It is all about converting every move to transform the vision of the organization and project into the reality.

To successfully deal with it, project managers need to focus on the various areas such as, setting the targets, correctly evaluate the performances, and rightly manage all the conflicts. Project managers also need to effectively resolve conflicts to make sure that the team members perform to their optimum, despite having different preferences and working habits.

Ready to Become a Top Notch Project Manager?

To be a successful project manager is not an easy task to achieve. Only theoretical knowledge can’t help in achieving the milestone while doing this job. You need the help of various tools available such as project management time tracking. However, the combination of the practical knowledge of the mentioned skill sets and other qualities can lead your way to success. Grab as many skills as you can and shine out bright as the most promising project manager.

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