Snapchat Landmarkers debuts in India; Lens Studio 2.1 also Announced

American social media giant Snapchat had added a new feature that will send its users into a frenzy. A feature called Landmarkers has been introduced in India, which embellishes two Indian monuments. Landmarkers was launched in April which lets users superimpose augmented reality (AR) experiences on top of popular architectures.

Snapchat Landmarkers debuts in India; Lens Studio 2.1 also Announced
Landmarkers feature used on Gateway of India.

The feature was originally meant to support just five locations around the world. Those included the namely Buckingham Palace in London, UK; Eiffel Tower in Paris, France; Flatiron Building in NYC, US; TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California, US; and the US Capitol in Washington, DC, US. The firm also added the Gateway of India and Taj Mahal to the list. Lens creators can now use this feature to bring new AR experiences to the available monuments.

Eitan Pilipski, VP, Camera platform at Snap said, “Our goal is to continue to scale and allow our community or ecosystem to engage in the world and to be curious about the world, to discover the world, and to do that all in the camera – with the Landmarkers.”

He pointed out that more than 70% of Snapchat users indulge in Lenses every day, which means over 250 million minutes of playtime in AR each day on an average. The firm is thus attracting advertisers with such an immersive platform using initiatives like the Landmarkers feature.

The Landmarkers feature that includes two new Indian monuments and 12 other places from around the world is all due to Lens Studio 2.1, the successor of the Lens Studio 2.0 that was released this year. The new application also includes six new Lens templates, which are added to the already established 40 templates. These new templates are:

• Face In Video: Track your face onto a video.
• Portrait Particles: Jazz things up with customized particles that segment behind the user’s head – decorate with headers, footers, and post-effects.
• Countdown: Ready, set, customize! Create Lenses that count down to specific dates and add celebratory 3D hats and glasses.
• Skeletal: Track 2D images to heads, necks, shoulders, elbows, and hands to create sweet joint collaborations.
• Hair color: Modify your hair color with fresh styles and tones from root to tip.
• Make-up: Put your face on the easy way with AR lip gloss, blush, eyeshadow and more.

There are nearly 100 Official Lens Creators worldwide and Snapchat has three Lens creative partners from India.

“What we’ve seen is that some of our partners/ advertisers actually found us to build really interesting opportunities for them to create some campaigns around those Landmarkers. I think one of the insights that we’re getting from working with the creators in India is that they’re very creative. That’s a great example of the massive opportunity that we have.” said Pilipski.

Snapchat Landmarkers debuts in India; Lens Studio 2.1 also Announced

Pilipski further added, “We think there’s so much we can learn by partnering with education, design schools in India. We know that this region is very, very advanced in terms of how to explain and how to educate about new technologies.”

If it’s your first time using Lens Studio, you will be greeted by an interactive tour that breaks down Lens creation step-by-step. As for its existing users, Snapchat has added start screen content that highlights new templates and features and showcases Lenses from the community. Lens Studio templates are now available on GitHub and creators can add their own templates as well.


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