Top 18 Social Media Marketing Solutions For Small Businesses

Social media is arguably one of the most powerful marketing tools any company can use. Nearly everyone is on social media these days, either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or any of the other several platforms that exist. It is a great way for businesses to communicate with their customers, update them on their products/services, and receive valuable feedback regarding their company.

Engagement is the crux of every business social media account and is the key to getting more business. You need to improve engagement numbers for better revenue. If you’re on Instagram, this post “Instagram Experts Round-up – Getting Better Engagement On Instagram” can help get your engagement metrics up.

Of course, it isn’t that easy for businesses – especially small ones – to get started on social media when there are already so many big companies dominating the market. Don’t worry, in this article, we’ll go over 22 social media marketing solutions for small businesses, so you can master the art of social media marketing.

CX Social

Your business needs happy customers to thrive, and CX Social provides the perfect platform for you to engage with them in real time! This platform will help you view and analyze conversations about your business’s products and services, as well as that of your competitors! There is also a free trial offered.

Pushup Social

Partnered with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Pushup Social allows your business to integrate social media into your existing website. Customers will no longer have to leave your website to engage with you, and you can handle all social media conversations about your business from one platform! You can also create a sense of community among your customers and strengthen their bonds with your business.


Having quality products and services brings in new customers, but having quality customer service incentivizes them to stick around. SparkCentral can provide you with a social media helpdesk platform so you can stay connected to your customers and respond to their concerns in real-time.


Sifting through social media conversations about your business to find relevant ones that are actually useful is a tough and arduous process. Luckily, LeadSift can do it all for you! It cuts through all the irrelevant noise and will show you what you need.

Custard Media

Social Media Marketing Solutions

Want to increase your business’s popularity? Try Custard Media – this tool will help you go viral on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more! Specializing in SEO and PPC advertising, this company will help you maximize both the efficiency of your advertisements and your business’s profits!


Marketing via social media can be a tough nut to crack but don’t worry, WebiMax can just do it for you! This company can help you design and maintain campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and more! They can even advise you on the best social media platforms for your marketing strategies to thrive in.


Social Media Marketing Solutions

It can get tough to juggle multiple social media accounts at once, especially when they’re spread out across various platforms. That’s why Sociota is the way to go – it can help you monitor all your social media accounts at once! Sociota works for accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.


VerticalResponse also lets you monitor all your social media accounts at once – but it offers the added benefit of scheduling posts to all these social media accounts. Plus, it can help you add “follow us” and “share social” buttons on all your e-mails to your customers!

Stay ahead of the curve and find out what’s trending right as the trend begins with! This website collects and sorts through social media posts and compiles a list of the most popular hashtags across a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Not all of us are blessed with the ability to come up with creative social media updates. SnapRetail, on the other hand, offers thousands of customizable, prewritten social media posts for you to choose from, thereby making it much easier to create those snappy, attention-grabbing posts!


Social Media Marketing Solutions

The unique thing about this well-known social media management tool is how it allows you to “re-buffer” (ie. re-share) any posts that need a little more attention. Plus, it can help you analyze all your company’s social media stats such as post activity, consumer engagement, potential reach, etc.


Track all your company’s social media metrics with HootSuite! This platform supports more than 35 social networks and allows you to create unlimited custom reports that detail your top content, likes and shares, follower demographics, etc.


Social Media Marketing Solutions

Boost your reach by optimizing your company’s social media posts with SEO via Vivial! Vivial also helps you track and analyze the progress of all your social media campaigns from the ease of one dashboard.


Twitter and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms right now, and Crowdfire can help you manage your accounts on these platforms, so you can boost your reach and maximize customer engagement! It analyzes new trends and will send a notification to your phone detailing not only what to post, but when to post it.


Social Media Marketing Solutions

Trends can be pretty localized, which is why TrendsMap shows you the most popular hashtags in your area! You can use this tool to refine and focus your company’s marketing strategies towards the demographics of customers in your area.

Increase your company’s engagement with your clients – use to give your customers a way to voice questions, concerns or general feedback about your business, products or services.


Twitter has more than 200 million users, which is why it is such a powerful social media marketing tool for businesses. Use gShift to identify keywords, influencers, hashtags, and other such data so you can create effective tweets to draw in more customers.

Social Media Marketing Solutions

This website can help you keep track of all online reviews about your business, products or services. Plus, it’s completely free!

In conclusion, as there are so many different social media marketing tools out there, there is no excuse for anyone to perform poorly when marketing on social media. Of course, each tool varies in terms of price, efficiency, and versatility, so opt for the tool that will be the best fit for your company.

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