Sony to introduce its own AI Assistant; Will be known as ‘PlayStation Assist’

Having an AI-powered assistant in 2019 isn’t an unusual thing. There are lots, depending on which ecosystem you swear by. iOS users have access to Siri, while Android users have Google Assistant and Alexa. Those few windows users can also use Cortana. Now if reports are to be believed, Japanese multinational giant Sony will soon unveil its own AI assistant, dubbed as ‘PlayStation Assist.’

Sony to introduce its own AI Assistant; Will be known as 'PlayStation Assist'

According to Daniel Ahmad, an analyst working with NikoPartners, the voice assistant would help out players if they can’t figure out what to do in a particular situation while gaming by responding dynamically.

He also gives an instance where players can ask for help, say finding a health pack close by. PlayStation Assist will mark the location of the pack on the in-game map. The screenshots that Daniel shared via a tweet explains the working of the AI. This could be possible with the help of a back-end game assist server or third-party AI working on a ‘deep learning engine. Players can ask their query via voice, text or video, a combination of these three elements will also work.

If it is implemented, this could benefit millions of PlayStation consumers. PS4 already works on the user’s voice but this an advanced level of AI that Sony is chasing. This hasn’t been confirmed by Sony yet but our guess is that this will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, which debuts on November 2020.

If you recall, Microsoft has implemented Cortana for Windows and Xbox. So, Sony preparing for its own assistant will take the gaming experience to the next level. If you want a detailed look, the patent is available on the WIPO website.


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