Spotify Launches its Lite version in 36 Countries; Comes with Monthly Data Limit Option

After successfully testing the beta version, Swedish-giant Spotify has officially launched its Lite version, known as Spotify Lite in 36 countries today. The list includes the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and India. Spotify debuted in India back in February 2019 and the Lite Beta version was launched in May.

India went through a revolution when Jio launched its unparalleled services and since then, data consumption is not a problem. But constantly streaming songs becomes annoying if in the middle of the music consumption it starts to buffer. So to counter this, Spotify Lite Beta has a solid monthly limit feature that will govern unwanted data. You can set an option to warn you once you cross a certain limit of data (250MB to 3GB) while navigating through the tracklist.

The app has a size of mere 10MB and is super lightweight. In addition, the UI of the Liter version has not been revamped, which is great. The app is available in Free and Premium version. Free users won’t be able to download songs for offline consumption and will here audio advertisements. For the Premium version, users will have to pay ₹13 for 1 day, ₹39 for 1 week, ₹129 for 1 month, ₹38 for 3 months, ₹719 for 6 months, and ₹1189 annually.

Download the application from the Google Play Store and have fun surfing through Spotify’s 50 million catalogs.



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