SS7 hack explained: What Can You Do About it?

At some point of our lives, we all have thought about our messages, calls and locations being hacked or read by someone else and the thought of it makes us feel pretty uncomfortable and insecure. Well, on that we won’t lie to you at all because yes, this is possible and people can hack all of your network’s data including your location. This is something very common now and more and more people are falling victim to the hackers. However, if you are someone who wants to protect himself from getting his calls and messages leaked then you are at the right place reading the right article. Today we are going to tell you all you should know about the SS7 hacking. So, make sure to take notes because this article might save you from getting your personal data hacked.

What Is SS7 Hack?

SS7 hack explained

Before starting with the hack and all the process of security, we would first tell you a bit about SS7 and what actually it does. SS7 is basically a protocol that allows one network to connect with another by passing the necessary information. Now, what actually hackers do is that they get access to that SS7 system and ultimately they get the control of all the connections and networks. In short, they get all that control which a major security service has. After hacking, they can easily record and listen the calls you make, the messages you send and receive and also, they can easily track the location of your phone. All of this hacking is a serious threat to you and your security because above everything, you can be tracked which is pretty dangerous.

What Can Be Done?

Now, many of you might be thinking at the moment that what exactly can you do in order to make yourself safe and secure. Well, don’t worry because we do have a solution to your problem. In order to protect you from all the hackers and their hacking tricks, you can try the PT TAD – SS7 Firewall which is something extraordinary when it comes to the protection of your messages, calls, and location. You see what happens is that with the help of PT telecom attack discovery you and even the telecommunication services can know when their system is being hacked and hence they can take quick measure to find out the hacker and stop the server from getting hacked.

Telecommunication services have admitted this themselves that any 3G, 4G, and even 5G network can fall victim to cyber attacks and all of it is exploitable. Now in such a situation, some security measure had to be taken which is why the mobile phone operators and the network operators all of them are using different services to monitor and keep a check on any kind of signal abuse and intrusion.

As a User

There are certain things that can be done by you as a user too. For example, you can start using Whatsapp by Facebook and iMessages by Apple in order to keep your messages safe and you won’t have to use your network to transfer your information to another network.

Now as far as your calls are concerned, for that you can again use different sources such as  Whatsapp for fully encrypted calls. Moreover, there are several other call services that don’t need to connect to any network and you would just want a good internet connection to have a safe conversation.

Now, the next thing is your location and that can be tracked no matter what, it’s simple if your phone is turned on, your location can be tracked by the hacker easily.  In order to avoid it you cannot do much, in fact, switching off your phone or shifting totally to your Wifi connection is the only option you’ve got to keep yourself secure location tracking.



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