Now You Can Stop Someone from Adding You to a Group on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become one of the preferred apps for communication. With distinctive features been added monthly, this popular app also has its downside: Group chat. Remember all those inconsequential groups you’ve been added to, by your family or friends? WhatsApp overlooked the privacy of the group chats, wherein any person who possesses your number could easily add you into groups. The Facebook-owned app is now rolling out an update which fixes this issue. Just like with display picture and statuses, you can now control the privacy settings for a group.

Stop Someone from Adding You to a Group on WhatsApp

Stop People from Adding You to a Group on WhatsApp:

  • To change the privacy settings, Open WhatsApp – Settings – Accounts – Privacy.
  • Select Groups and select any one option from the other three: Nobody, so no one can add you in any group whatsoever, My contacts – Only people whose number is in your contacts list can add or Anyone, anybody can add you to a group.

Amidst election season in India, different political parties create groups and add random people to sway them to vote for them, while also spreading their propaganda. Apart from launching a tip line recently, WhatsApp has, in the past, rolled out a limitation on forwarding messages to curb fake news.

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Only a few users were able to use this feature which means that WhatsApp is yet to roll out this update globally. Did you guys come across this feature? Let us know in the comments section below.


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