StudyBay Affiliate Review: The Best Program for Educational Traffic

E-commerce is currently leaving its trail in every activity that we take up; be it shopping, be it travelling, be it booking movie tickets. It has become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. It is equally important to understand what goes behind this process. Most of the e-commerce companies make use of a liaison website that is affiliated with them, to increase the visibility of their company and also to make their products available in the hands of their customers (both regular are perspective). These affiliated websites tend to accumulate a lot of visitor attention and also direct regular users to the main website. Many marketing processes take place through these websites. This process is regarded as affiliated marketing.

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StudyBay Affiliate

What is StudyBay?

StudyBay is basically a business place where authors can connect with students, receive a project from them and get set to work. Authors have a great opportunity to work as freelancers and get rewarded for their work in monetary terms. StudyBay brings a lot of benefits for students as they would be able to obtain different types of study materials. These study materials are enriched with knowledge and are guaranteed to be unique. StudyBay does not forget to astonish you with an educational aura that includes essays, academic papers, dissertation etc. While this is a brilliant platform for authors to earn, students tend to get instant support with regard to multiple subjects. The authors in StudyBay are well-read and competent. It’s a completely reliable business place.

After students sign up on the website, they can log in using their username from the next time. Now, they will be able to search for any kind of study material and even get them into print as per their requirements. The articles that you obtain from StudyBay are 100% plagiarism-free. All the articles submitted by authors are run through plagiarism software and are unique. StudyBay also offers you a money-back guarantee.

  • To begin with, the student places his/her order. After this, a lot of authors raise their offers. Then, the student takes a call regarding whom to hire. Once the decision has been made, the writer sets to work.

How does StudyBay Affiliate Program work?

StudyBay Affiliate

StudyBay Affiliate Program implies educational traffic concentrated from English-speaking countries. Multiple kinds of traffic are gathered at a single area. However, the likelihood of the presence of spam is quite low. StudyBay reimburses authors regularly (at times, everyday payment is also provided for). The minimum payment for authors is normally $10. Payments are generally made through cards (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Payoneer).

Following is a list of some mind blowing promotion techniques applied in StudyBay:

  • Banners
  • Order forms
  • Links
  • Landings
  • Keywords

According to the order that is placed, StudyBay puts forth some amazing offers in front of you. On your first order, you get a flat 60% off! Additionally, an extra 15% will also be deducted from your subsequent orders. $10 is offered with every attracted partner and a commission of 5% is given for referral program in case you attract a new partner using your referral link. A detailed statistical data is also provided as and when you place a new order.

One of StudyBay’s foremost principles is valuing time. It prefers to get projects done at the earliest. The postponement is highly disregarded by StudyBay. The content presented on this platform is pretty safe and it’s secured by SSLS 128 bit encryption. The cost per page is about $5 which is apparently quite cheap and nominal. The remarkable collection of offers even helps you save a great amount of money. Intermediaries are cut down to a large extent. Students’ time and efforts are also reduced tremendously. This empowers them to concentrate on more important things like a part-time job or other work.

StudyBay has congregated more than 10,000 authors till date and the number only increases day by day. These authors are ensured to be well-qualified and they also have a work experience of working with more than 55,000 subjects till today. This is definitely something to look up to. StudyBay has a dynamic and hard-working customer service team that instantly addresses your issues and queries. Your queries could include both technical and general ones. All you have to do is go to the support tab and type in your query. An online chat service is also available for you.

StudyBay Affiliate Program Promotions

StudyBay makes available multiple promotional tools that facilitate the accumulation of visitors. According to your desires, you could pick your material from an entire bunch including CTA buttons, the list of keywords, landing pages, banners, pop-ups etc. These materials are supported by different devices and operating systems. The promotional apparatus could also be tested through A/B testing which gives a positive final result. Another advantage of StudyBay is that it funds for your educational blogs.

Benefits of StudyBay Affiliate Program

  • A conversion rate of 57% can be gained. (57% is said to be the highest conversion rate in the industry)
  • The maximum number of re-bills for each product ranges from 5 to 9.
  • Conversion of traffic is not restricted to weekdays, but it is also possible during weekends and holidays. StudyBay makes way for 24*7 traffic conversion.
  • Instant transactions are provided for on an everyday basis with a minimum payout of $10.
  • Direct your eyes to StudyBay if you’re searching for the coolest promotional stuff.

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To wrap up

StudyBay earned a great name within the users’ community. It is known to be one of the top affiliate programs that bring out your hidden talent, ideas and expertise in the best piece of art, that is, writing. It is constituted of various educational blogs that help you invite a great amount of revenue. If you want to procure the best of study materials which are made up of unsurpassed intellect and expertise, this is your destination!


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