Successful Employee Onboarding Tips For Your Digital Marketing Business

On the first day of my first job at a digital marketing firm, the HR gave me a 30-minute rundown on how the organization worked and what were the office policies. After that, my manager took over, briefed me about my role, assigned me a cubical, and my first task. 

I started working, though I kept feeling secluded and kind of a misfit. 

Shouldn’t there be an official introduction? Who all are in my team? When do they go for a lunch break?

These were the questions hovering in my head. Granted, it was my first day, but it taught me the importance of onboarding. 

Proper onboarding isn’t about an initial introduction to a company but about how the company considers its new hires as resources. 

It is what affects the employees’ future in an organization – their growth, productivity, satisfaction, and retention.

If you are a digital marketing company looking for new employee onboarding practices, we are here to help.

Enlisted below are a few tips that can help with the same.

Curate A Work Plan For The Employee

If a new hire is joining soon, sit down with their “soon-to-be-manager” and curate a one-week work plan. It will make things much easier for the employee as well as the manager. 

To help the new hires ease in quickly, assign work buddies to help them through the first few projects and get the hang of things.

Make The Employee’s Cubicle More Inviting

Trust me when I say this, nothing dips an employee’s morale than having to work at an untidy workstation. That’s the last thing anyone wants. 

That said, set up a clean, comfortable, welcoming workstation for the new member in advance. Put a welcome sticker on their pinboard. Make sure their desks have all the supplies needed. 

This will help them feel more relaxed and confident since day one.

Send An Informative Email Before The Joining

Make the employees feel more comfortable on their first day by sending out an informative email in advance.

This email can include things like – a brief overview of the company’s products/ services, the total number of members in the organization, who to contact when, and detailed information of the team they are recruited for.

Welcome Your Employees With A Gift

Welcome new hires with a gift to make them feel like home. Not literally. But more like a part of the team. 

Give them the company’s mug, bottle, t-shirt, hoody, or bag. 

This will help them feel welcomed and build brand loyalty.

Give Them A Full Office Tour

On the day of joining, give them some time to be familiar with the surroundings. Conduct a complete office tour. 

Also, formally introduce them to the team and allow some free time for interaction.

Don’t Forget The Orientation

If the company is going through a hard time, you may be tempted to overburden the new hires with projects as early as possible. But this can demotivate them and cause nervousness.

That said, it is essential to devote the first day to orientation. Get the paperwork sorted and then have the employees settle in. If you have access to eLearning tools for new employee onboarding, use them for an interactive session.

Invest In Their Training And Growth

New employees’ training can profoundly influence their future in the organization. When they are provided with regular online training, they feel deeply motivated to work towards the company’s goal.

Not only training helps them grow professionally, but it also increases their efficiency. 

Additionally, it benefits the organization because when employees start feeling confident in the office, they tend to stay for long.

Final Words

A good onboarding experience fully integrates new employees into the company — improving productivity and reducing turnover.

Follow these above-mentioned tips for successful employee onboarding.

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