Microsoft’s SwiftKey crosses 500 million downloads on the Play Store

It's still one of the top 5 keyboard apps for Android.

SwiftKey has long been one of the best keyboard apps. This popularity led to its acquisition by Microsoft back in 2016. It now has a new feather in its cap. SwiftKey has surpassed 500 million (50 crores) downloads on the Google Play Store.

Microsoft's SwiftKey crosses 500 million downloads on the Play Store
Image Source: Android Headlines

SwiftKey made swipe typing a norm when most keyboards made users choose between cursor or swipe typing. It was a paid application just a few years ago where one had to pay for the app. It was soon made free but users had to pay for the themes. Fast forward to 2019, both the app and themes are free. Microsoft added tonnes of features that make typing on a phone smooth.

Microsoft's SwiftKey crosses 500 million downloads on the Play Store

A large number of phone manufacturers (like Huawei, Samsung, and others) had SwiftKey pre-installed in their phones and tablets. This might also contribute to its 500 million installs. First introduced in 2011, the app is still preferred by many users. SwiftKey faces tough competition from Google’s Gboard, which has 1,000,000,000 million downloads on the Play Store.

SwiftKey also has a beta version that receives major features before making its way onto the main app. It’s also impressive to note that SwiktKey is the only keyboard on the App Store.


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