8 Ways Technology Has Enhanced Lead Generation

According to DMNews, the three most used lead generation strategies are content marketing, event marketing, and email marketing. These three big-hitters illuminate a compelling point – technology has drastically changed the way companies approach lead generation. In fact, technology has not only turned the way companies obtain get new prospective clients, but it has also made the process better, stronger, and faster.

Here are eight ways that technology has enhanced lead generation.

1. Automated Email Sequences Nurture Leads

Technology Has Enhanced Lead Generation
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The email marketing resources that are available to companies now, including Aweber, MailChimp, and ConstantContact, allow businesses to set up sequences of automated responses that take a potential client from “cold” to “warm” in a systematized manner. This allows businesses to wait until a client has been warmed up before pitching an offer.

2. The Value Exchange

One powerful method for creating lasting relationships with potential clients is to offer something of value. Technology allows business owners to create an information-based value offer, such as a free month-long course, a PDF planner, or some other informational resource. The value offered makes the client move favorable towards the business, and therefore more likely to buy in the future.

3. Systematize To Save Time

Technology Has Enhanced Lead Generation

Technology allows businesses to systematize and automate repetitive tasks, thereby creating more time for marketing and outreach efforts. When you buy a piece of software that takes your bookkeeping from a thirty hour a week task to a five hour a week task, you can use those extra fifteen hours for activities that will generate leads.

4. Specific Targeting For Stronger Leads

Technology allows us to sort through massive amounts of data and find the precise group of people who want our products. While this used to take many companies a great deal of time and effort, finding targeted leads can be done now faster and cheaper than ever, thanks to the tech at our fingertips. Take Facebook Custom Audiences, for example. When you create advertisements on Facebook, you have access to tools that allow you to find the exact custom built audience for your product. For example, if you are selling a piece of jewelry with a specific birthstone in it, you can target people who were born in a specific month only. Putting your ad in front of the right people saves money. Instead of paying to have your piece of jewelry displayed to thousands of people who won’t look twice at it, you are paying to have it displayed to thousands who have a higher level of engagement with the Ad.

5. Create Complex Funnels With Ease

Marketing Strategies with many steps, designed to take the lead from “unaware and uninterested” to “excited and ready to buy” used to be seen as unobtainable by small business owners. Now, anyone can sit down and design a sales funnel, using tech resources. First, the lead needs to be introduced to the product or service. They are then walked through a stepping-stone-like arrangement of interactions that gently warm them to the sales pitch. When they finally reach the end of the sales funnel, they will be more likely to buy.

6. Face to Face Interactions

Technology Has Enhanced Lead Generation

The uprising of video content online has revolutionized lead generation. Videos allow companies to be more transparent, and to share their story. The person or people behind a company can multiply their presence by filming a video that can be shared over and over again. These “face to face” interactions, between a person on a video and the video-viewer, work in the same manner that personal, live interactions work. The viewer feels that they have gotten to know the person in the video on a more personal level than if they simply read something that the person wrote, or heard their voice.

7. Webinars Generate Loyal Customers

Webinar technology has become more accessible and fine-tuned in the last several years, which is great for business owners looking to reach out to their audience. Business owners who host webinars can quickly create loyal customers. One of the reasons for this is that a webinar often extends value to the lead, which makes them psychologically feel indebted. Also, when a potential client signs up for a webinar, they commit to a large block of time for the event. Instead of just a few moments of watching a video ad, the client commits to at least one, and maybe even two or three hours of engagement. By the end of the webinar, the client feels that they know the company, or salesperson, much better than they did initially.

8. Content and Event Marketing Deliver a One-Two Punch

Technology Has Enhanced Lead Generation
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Content marketing is especially useful when it is used to gather a “tribe” of people who are loyal and excited about the products that your brand has to offer. Social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are all examples of ways that content marketing can be disseminated. One powerful way to leverage the content that you put out through various avenues is to use it to promote an event. The event will then bond your “tribe” to the brand so that they are more likely to buy what you are selling.

Technology is evolving quickly, and we are seeing exciting advances in the area of AI, virtual reality, and augmented reality. When it comes to lead generation, it is essential to use the tech available to you to its fullest potential, even if that means spending time getting caught up in an area where you feel uninformed. Take the time to learn how to use the tech resources available, and stay ahead of your competition.


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  1. Social media marketing and SMS marketing are also one of most used lead generation 2017. In Europe alone SMS marketing are more popular generating 100 million plus sent off campaigns every month. So they should be included. I have many lead generation article on my blog, you can also check it out. thanks


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