Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year 2017


Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year

Neil Degrasse Tyson, an American author once stated that “Dreams about the future are always filled with gadget”, likewise giving an eye to today his world feel like truth. We cannot go along with our lives without technology since they play a crucial role in day to day routine. Inventors are functioning day and night to come up with unique and exciting machinery to simplify our being in this world. Beginning at come around to getting back, in bed, our whole day acquires machinery. Earlier, the people survived also happy even without these blessings. But now, life seems impossible without them.

Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year 2017 A gadget is a machine small or big serves in performing any mission. In simple words, we can say that a gadget is a tool used to help us in any job. The word originated in the nineteenth century for all the items of technical use. A gadget does not particularly have to be electronic, even a nail cutter is among gadgets. The world is consuming gadgets like a knife and complicated such as laptops or car that completely changed the world.

Gizmos (better known as the gadget) is further dividing into numerous types rendering to the job they perform. Some common types are below:

• Kitchen gadgets like blender, cutter, oven, pan serving us daily.

• Augmented and virtual reality gadgets including hamlet, glasses, watches, headset etc, making our augmented or virtual world come in front of us.

• Mobile phones and accessories such as hands-free, charger, memory card, these as like necessity of life

• Laptops and all the automobiles comprising car, aeroplane, cycle, laptops speakers etc without whole one can’t travel.

• Gaming gadgets like best gaming mouse remote, PSP etc. for all the game lovers.

Subsequently, the list goes on, geniuses are repetitively gifting us so many types of machinery to make our day at ease that one can’t count them. It’s true if we say that we are totally surrounded by gadgets.

Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year 2017 The masterminds are constantly surprising us with better and profitable gizmos with the passing day. Sitting back in the 70s or 60s no one has ever thought of being out a new world right ahead of him by wearing glasses (augmented or virtual world) or else seeing their loved ones miles away from them.

Devoid of a hesitation gadgets are helping us in every possible manner. Nevertheless, it’s a fact that everything has a darker side. Therefore, let’s have a glance at the pros and cons of a gadget. Starting from advantages

The primary benefit of a gadget is that no task is now burdensome.

• It’s time-saving, suppose cutting a vegetable does not require hours now, just switch on a button and it’s done in no time

• Carrying files all the way to office is a timeworn story; laptop is the new option you have

• Gadgets like mobile permits communication stress-free all around the globe.

While looking at the cons, some of them are below:

• Too many gadgets have made us lazy since we do not have to work hard for anything.

• The greatest flaw of technology is its negative effects on our children’s health. Kids now prefer video games instead of physical activities.

• Unrecyclable gadgets end up piling in waste.

The year 2017 came up with some inadmissible gizmo of all times. Talking over below are ten incredible gadgets of a recent year:

1. Samsung Galaxy S8

Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year 2017


A recently launched smartphone from the successful franchise of Samsung Galaxy has already hit the markets like a storm. Apply for as the best mobile till the date of this year, this phone consists of 1440 x 2960 large screen display, long battery life, curved body, waterproof body and strong processor. The highlighting feature is its wireless charging and 12megapixel camera, making it a dream phone for all the smartphone admirers. One more characteristic is that S8 is compatible with Samsung’s latest launch i.e. Virtual reality headset.

2. Moov Now

Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year 2017

This revolutionary fitness tracker is cheap and unique from the others available. Cool features such as fitness tracker, running counter, heart rate, sleep calculator and fitness updates. Besides maintaining fitness records it performs a dual function of the coach as well, offering running guidance as well. Moreover, its six months long battery life is like the cherry on the cake. Moov Now comes in form of small disk plus its waterproof and durable. It’s cheap, paired with smartphones and multitasking hence ranked at the top among all the fitness gadgets.

3. Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel

Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year 2017

Next on the list is super pedestrian Copenhagen wheel. Apparently looking like normal bike wheels, these robotic wheels can cover up the distance of 20 to 30 miles per hour. Its powerful battery and amazing sensors enable it to connect to the smartphones. Moreover, being on a bit higher side in price its regenerated brakes make it worth a try. A highlighting feature of a super pedestrian is intelligent lock system, thus these are the dream wheels of all the cyclists.

4. ESight

Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year 2017

It is not an ordinary processor, nowadays everything is computer operated. You just have to click a button and anything is possible. It won’t be wrong to say that science offers everything for everyone. Similarly, IT intelligence has come up with ESight, a smart computer for people who have poor sight or legally blind. This is the most appreciated intention of recent times. This laptop offers high-quality picture display, also they are lightweight and hands-free to use, consequence fulfilling the cause of helping blind people.

5. New iPad

Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year 2017

Taking about the most amazing inventions of the year 2017, it won’t be fair if we do not include Apple’s new iPad in the list. This recent release of the company is relatively cheaper and easy to use. Providing 9.7 inches large display iPad offers high-quality picture resolution of 2048 x 1536. IPad has a longer battery life and 8-megapixel cameras, this gadget is for sure better than the previous models. The most exciting feature making it a must buy is its price, which is cheapest of all and that too without compromising on quality.

6. Sansaire Sous Vide Machine

Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year 2017

Sansaire Sous Vide Machine is a blessing for all the ladies who are lazy cooks. Due to its ability to cook perfect meat every time, this kitchen Magician is the favourite of the entire meat lover. Sansaire Sous Vide Machine promise high-quality food like steaks, beans, vegetables, seafood, and desserts, therefore is a perfect choice for all the food lovers. This compact machine takes very little space and cooks food slowly in a water bath, without compromising on quality it provides restaurant dining experience every time.

7. Seven Hugs Smart Remote

Today the lot is controlled through remote; you do not have to get up for anything. Simply click a button and through. Then again maintaining a different remote for each appliance similar to TV, air conditioner or home theatre is a problematic job. It would be great if there is only one remote that can take care of the whole kit and caboodle. The thankfully year 2017 has unravelled the solution to this as well, introducing seven hugs smart remote. As per name point out, this tiny remote can operate everything. Furthermore, Seven Hugs Smart Remote can adjust settings of any machine as per your requirement.

Headphones, Headset, Music, BlackSennheiser Momentum Wireless

In the world of silent disco, when we say that music is the food for the soul, headphones are transferring to a necessity for all the music lovers. Those who love purchasing them know the value of good quality earphones. Sennheiser Momentum Wireless is the best headphones of this year till date. As of the name illustrates, these wireless headphones are in authority for twenty-five plus hours’ battery life. Great quality sound and stylish design, these are lightweight and easy to transport. Moreover, Sennheiser Momentum Wireless offers sound blocking feature, so it can perform a dual role of music system and sound blocker. Hence, if you want to rest they can block sound from surroundings providing a peaceful environment. Lastly, they are cheap in price keeping in mind all sort of buyers.

8. Snapchat Spectacles

Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year 2017


Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are receiving fame with the passage of time. These days every Tom, Dick, and Harry seemed to click photos and posting on social media site. Snapchat Company has joyous news for all the snap chat fans. The organization is introducing really cool glasses named as Snapchat Spectacles. Given that high-quality camera, these stylish glasses were introduced earlier but ran short for some reason. Snapchat Spectacles received the phenomenal response last time and people are really looking forward to it this time as well.

9. Motiv Fitness Ring

Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year 2017

Finally, we have Motiv Fitness Ring on our list. This smart fitness trainer is now the most compressed invention of science. For the first time, people are using a fitness trainer in the form of a ring. Motiv Fitness Ring is compact and waterproof. Moreover, it is not less than any other fitness tracker tied up with your arm or leg. Promising all the functions like heart rate count, sleep counter, running coach, calories burned and steps you take. This appealing ring is really easy to carry.

10. HTC Vive Tracker

Ten Ridiculously amazing Gadgets Of The year 2017

HTC always try to build innovative products for its customers. Recently the company build a new product i.e. HTC Vive Tracker. This remarkable product has the ability to turn anything into virtual reality. HTC Vive Tracker is a headset that can change a bat into virtual thus fulfilling the idea of the blindfolded person playing.

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