Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Catches Fire, After Hitting Tow Truck in Moscow

A Tesla Model 3 electric car caught fire after hitting the tow truck in Moscow on Saturday.

The crash took place at around 2100 Moscow time (1800 GMT).

The driver named Alexei Tretyakov was asked in a video published on REN TV website if he was using an Autopilot self-driving system, he said he wasn’t using Autopilot self-driving system but drive assistance mode and was holding the steering wheel.

Alexei Tretyakov also said that he was driving at the speed of 100 kilometers(62 miles) per hour when the car hit the tow truck. The speed limit on the ring road is 100 kilometers. Alexei said that he failed to see the tow truck.

Rossiya 24 reported that The 41-year-old driver and his children were injured in the crash but somehow managed to escape the vehicle before it was completely destroyed.

A state-operated domestic Russian-language news agency RIA news agency website posted footage of the incident showing the two explosions and the car in flames.



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