The 5 Best Streaming Devices for Any TV Binge-Watcher

According to Deloitte’s 12th edition survey the “Digital Media Trends”, formerly known as the Digital Democracy Survey, about 55% of U.S households are using at least a video streaming service. That number represents an increase of about 450% since 2009. Furthermore, the same report established that on average, about 38 hours per week, almost the equivalent of a job that is full-time, is spent by.

Americans watching video content. About 39% of the hours are spent on streaming video content. Just as the demand for streaming services has been increasing, there has been an increasing demand for streaming devices too. Streaming devices are virtually essential these days to play the various streaming.

If you looking for the best TV streaming device on the market, there are plenty of options available. There is the best TV streaming device that is affordable and of course, more capable. Because of the many options presented to you, finding the best TV streaming device that is able to suit your particular need may not be easy. If you are looking for the best TV streaming (streaming capabilities built-in) or a standalone device, these are some of the best options available for you.

1. Amazon Fire TV

Best Streaming Devices

The Fire TV stick though comprehensive serves to prioritize the streaming service of Amazon. The Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Instant Video are incorporated conspicuously into the system’s menu. This means that the other popular apps that are available such as Netflix are second-stringers.

With the Alexa voice assistant, the tool is important for the purpose of controlling streaming with the device with just voice commands. You can also do anything else that has been made possible by an Alexa-enabled device.

2. Apple TV

Best Streaming Devices

Apple has not been quick to update its Apple TV streaming media but finally, it has been able to update with its Apple TV 4K. The Apple TV apart from supporting 4K video with Dolby Vision and HDR10has also incorporated an Apple store.

The app store was only added to the device a few years ago. The number of apps available for selection still is a little bit inadequate or not enough when compared to what Roku is offering. The streaming device has tended to avoid other on-demand and premium services like Spotify that compete with Apple. That is understandable and apart from that little disappointment, Apple TV’s feature is rich and capable.

3. Roku

Best Streaming Devices

This is an intuitive device for streaming that supports all video platforms, except iTunes, in a library that is easy to browse. Thousands of channels are offered on the Channel Store of this streaming device. The streaming platforms or channels that are offered include big names and other smaller niche apps in the area of sports, movies, news, weather and international content. You can access Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Twitch and Sling TV among others.

Roku offers quite a number of streaming device models that have various features and come with different prices. What’s more, Roku offers its TV platform to manufacturers for the purpose of incorporating the technology into their screens.

4. Android TV

Best Streaming Devices

Android TV offers an interface that is powerful and rich in feature if you compare it to other streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV. The only disadvantage of this best TV streaming device is that it kind of feels clunky. Moreover, the app store of the streaming device when compared to the Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku stores is tiny.

Android TV devices are great because they are Chrome cast compatible. That means that it is possible for you to use your tablet/smartphone for the purpose of streaming content to it like if you were using a Chrome cast.

5. Google Chrome Cast

Compared to other media streaming platforms, this device is the least physically complicated and virtually obtrusive. You are able to control everything via your laptop, smartphone or tablet by taking the Chrome cast Audio/Chrome cast and plugging it into a source of power and plugging it into your sound system or TV.

Best Streaming Devices

There are no app stores and no interfaces on-screen to separately navigate and even remotes are

non-existent. You just connect the Chrome cast online and you start streaming through the use of a compatible app with Google Cast on your tablet/smartphone.

The streaming models of this device have also incorporated the use of Google Home. It is possible for you to issue voice commands regarding what you want to be availed for you to watch.

Highlighted are just 5 of the best streaming devices for any TV binge-watcher. There are others too. If you are looking for movies and tv series to watch, just visit putlocker and enjoy. Of course, the one you will choose will depend on your needs and the features offered and pricing of the streaming device. I hope I have made your buying decision a little bit easier.


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