7 Best Productivity Apps For Android in 2018 and Beyond

Thanks to advancements in mobile devices and networks, the corporate world has been increasingly reliant on remote workers in recent years. The age-old nine-to-five office arrangement is fading away for a setup where professionals can work from anywhere, and at their own time.

Generally speaking, the days of sitting in front of a desktop PC the whole day are over. Today, something as small as a smartphone can get the job done just as efficiently while allowing you to move around and multitask. With the right apps, you can do everything, from managing your emails to keeping up with collaborative projects and connecting with clients, all while avoiding the monotony of an office desk.

7 Best Productivity Apps For Android in 2018 and Beyond
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Android OS, in particular, offers a broad range of business-oriented tools for virtually every task and area. If you’ve been thinking of ways to make your smartphone better suited for work, read on for the best productivity apps for Android.

1. Google Drive – create and store everything on the cloud

Best Productivity Apps For Android in 2018 and Beyond

The Google Drive suite is a multifunctional package that extensively covers your every need regarding document processing, file sharing, cloud storage, note-taking and even managing pictures. While you may need more features depending on the demands of your work, having Google Drive, Google Keep, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Photos installed on your smartphone will get you covered for most of the basics. And, because the Google Suite is cloud-based, you can easily sync your work across all your devices.

Google Drive is free on the Play Store. With 15GB of free space in Google’s cloud, the suite offers a much better deal compared to other storage options like Dropbox (2GB) and Box (10GB), not to mention the slew of applications that come with it.

2. Join.me – bring boardroom meetings to your smartphone

the best productivity apps for Android

The Play Store is filled with web conferencing and collaboration apps, but few are as accommodating for mobile as Join.me. Once you’ve made it past the easy setup process, the app gives you reliable audio and video conferencing so you can see and hear everything in real time. It also provides screen sharing on audio and video, as well as a handy whiteboard feature for you and your viewers to keep tabs on the details of the meeting at the same time. There’s a web version as well, which means you can join a discussion instantly, without needing to download anything.

Join.me is free on the Play Store but can be upgraded to “pro” for a host of more features, including the ability to create a personal link (join.me/yourname).

3. Evernote – perfect for note-taking

7 Best Productivity Apps For Android in 2018 and Beyond

When it comes to taking notes and getting work done, Evernote is the app to get. Famous for its intuitive design and tons of features, the application lets you make virtually any note you can imagine, be it text, image, voice, video or list. Moreover, its syncing capability and cross-platform support enable you to keep track of your notes, whether you’re using your phone, tablet or computer. And, with offline support, you don’t need to find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot to jot down and save a note.

Evernote’s free version is a bit lacklustre, but upgrading to a pro subscription will undoubtedly be worth it.

4. Trello – get help with managing your projects

7 Best Productivity Apps For Android in 2018 and Beyond

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your busy schedule? Well, say hello to a more organized future with Trello, the world’s number one organizational app. Designed to help you get things done in a streamlined and efficient manner, Trello lets you create and manage boards for all your projects. You can finish scheduled tasks individually or invite collaborators, and the app will keep you all up to date with the assignments you are undertaking. The app also lets you add to-do lists on boards, comment on items and attach files to projects for better collaboration.

You can install Trello for free from the Google Play Store. An enterprise version is also available for large organizations.

5. Slack – communication made easy

7 Best Productivity Apps For Android in 2018 and Beyond

Communication apps are flooding the market, but when it comes to keeping tabs with your work teams, Slack is a no-brainer. The app combines a simple, pleasant interface with real-time messaging file sharing features. It also comes with powerful search and archiving functionalities to help you find past conversations and files easily. Want more? You can integrate the app with other organization tools, cloud storage solutions and social media apps, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Trello, Asana, Zendesk, and Twitter. And, because it’s multiplatform, you can sync your conversations across all your devices, from smartphones to computers.

The basic version of Slack is free on the Play Store, but you can improve its functionality by upgrading to one of the paid subscriptions.

6. LastPass Password Manager – keep your passwords safe

7 Best Productivity Apps For Android in 2018 and Beyond

Data security is a primary concern in today’s business scene. With LastPass, you can rest easy knowing that all your online login credentials are secure. Furthermore, you can cook up complex passwords for your sites and accounts, and the app will autofill them for you to log in with ease, without needing to remember your password for every website you visit. The app also lets you keep other things secure, such as credit card information, photos, voice memos, and notes.

The free version of LastPass covers most bases, but you will need to leap to the $24 per year LastPass Premium version for all the features.

7. Newton Mail – all your email accounts in one place

7 Best Productivity Apps For Android in 2018 and Beyond

No list of best productivity apps would be complete Newton Mail. Arguably the most powerful email applications out there, Newton is not only lauded for supporting virtually every email provider you can think of, but also for its generous array of plugins for apps like Evernote, Trello, Pocket, Zendesk, Todoist and more. The interface is easy to navigate, and there’s also syncing support to switch between devices quickly.

You can get some of Newton Mail’s features for free, but you’ll need to subscribe to the $49.99-per-year service to get unlimited amounts of everything.

Wrap Up

Over the last several years, mobile phones have evolved from large, laughable devices to sleek, elegant and powerful minicomputers. If you’re looking for ways to boost your productivity, there’s no better candidate than a smartphone. Even the free versions of the apps above are impressive, and the best part is, a decent, reasonably-priced smartphone is all you need to get them running. Give these apps a try, and start improving your efficiency at work today.


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