The New Google Smart TV Kit That You Need to Know About

With just a week left before the Google event, all the leaks and teasers are falling into place. There is yet another leak of Google before its event scheduled for October 9th. And according to it, Google appears to have something in store for their home entertainment suite of devices.

The Chromecast is going to be revamped and redesigned that will be released to the public soon. And how the company intends to include the device in ‘Google Smart TV Kit’. The Google Smart Tv kit will have a Google Home Mini alongside the new Chromecast. The package contains the last years model of Google Home Mini.

The company used to sell a Chromecast and Mini bundle exclusive only to Walmart overseas. The only real competition to the Google Home is Amazon’s suite of Echo devices. The rebranding into a ‘Google Smart Tv Kit’ does imply a new focus. Instead of selling two separate products, Google is shifting the narrative towards a multi-part kit to get you started on your smart home set up.

You won’t need a Tv, just these devices and your phone would be enough. An image of the Tv Kit has leaked highlighting Google plans to bundle the upcoming third generation Chromecast along with the Mini. There’s no news about how much the kit might cost.

The move exactly is not just to bundle products packaged together but the ones that are able to work together. The Chromecast does not come with a remote control, once the two devices are up and running the Chromecast is capable of being controlled by Google Home Mini via voice commands.

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