The next Insta360 snapper to include a drone, an action camera, and a 360 shooter

The device's specs are not yet officially revealed.

Insta360 recently teased the launch of its next shooter for January 7, on the first day of CES 2020, via a short 30-second video posted to the company’s YouTube channel. The teaser didn’t reveal much in terms of design except that the shooter will combine the features of a drone, an action camera, and a 360-degree snapper into one nifty device.

Also, an image was accidentally revealed on a Japanese retail website and camera leaker Nokishita tweeted in order to provide an indication of what the upcoming camera might look like.

By looking at the image, it appears that the One R is made up of two camera modules that can be attached to each other side by side, while the third attachment (the red one) seems to be a battery grip that fits under them both. Moreover, the device’s specs are not yet officially revealed.


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