The Programmes You Need If You’re Going To Renovate Your Home In 2019

We all have a vision of our home when redecorating, getting that vision across to decorators however is another story.

Many of us struggle to put our visualisations into words, but nowadays there’s becoming less and less need to do so.

There are dozens of great apps and programmes available to note down all your ideas and visually show them to designers.

Below you’ll find some of the best programmes available to download if you’re thinking about renovating in 2019…

The Programmes You Need If You’re Going To Renovate Your Home In 2019

Home Designer Suite

Home Designer is a fantastic design suite that allows you to play around with your home’s layout and design without spending over the odds. Priced really competitively, it’s one of the leading home design tools for both professionals and enthusiasts.

You can play around with colours, light and can even analyse how rooms and designs will look at various times of the day with a Sun and Shadow control feature. Dozens of reviews, such as on this website highlight it as one of the best, and priced at $99 per year, you can really get exactly what you need from it.

Color Capture

Colour is always one of the more important aspects when designing any room, so Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture app really is a must. Available on both Android and iOS, the app allows you to take photos of colours you like and the app will automatically match it to one of their range, which exceeds 3,300.

It’s such a useful app for snapping colours on the go, which you can then directly show a designer or decorator and get the exact colour you wish in your room.

It’s free to download and always worth having around, even if you’re not currently looking to redecorate.


Not everybody owns a tape measure, but don’t let that stop you from sizing up your room. Measured is a fabulous tool that allows you to measure spaces through the lens of your smartphone.

Using augmented reality, you can save the measurements for future use, ideal when shopping for furniture or speaking to designers before they’ve even viewed the space.

It’s free to download and really can be incredibly useful while out shopping for your home.

iHandy Carpenter

An app designed for when the renovation is well and truly underway, it works as a builders toolbelt rolled into a mobile phone. Designed for those who aren’t savvy with a toolbox, it includes a number of useful items all built into the app such as spirit level, plumb bomb, and steel ruler.

That’s on top of a number of other features, all for an incredibly cheap cost to download. It’ll save you a trip to the DIY store and be with you all day every day, assuming you keep your iPhone in your pocket of course.


Chances are if you’re redecorating you’re also going to want to buy some new items for the home. Invaluable is a genius app that allows you to log-in to auctions all over the world and join in the bidding process live.

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