The uses of Social Media on Student’s Communication and Self Concepts among Students

Nowadays, students have different opportunities to improve their skills and learn to interact efficiently by using social media.  You may find an inspired essay concerning the topic here.

Building communities in education surrounding is an important goal that may also be achieved by social media use. Although previously Internet and social media were blamed for a high level of isolation, different mental problems, and disorders, especially among teenagers. In fact, the social media provides more opportunities than dangers. Importantly, students get a real chance to interact, communicate, learn, and work in developing their projects using the opportunities that today exist.

The uses of Social Media on Student's Communication and Self Concepts among Students

There are several central points that may be highlighted:

  1. Social media give an opportunity to find like-minded people in any part of the world and join efforts in reaching common goals Active using social media may be for various psychological problems although the direct impact is still a matter of discussion.
  2. Social media helps to set up and develop international projects promoting the dialogue between people of different countries and origins. It is impossible to underestimate how social media help to ruin borders between different cultures and learn to understand people with another background. Numerous culture stereotypes still exist today, but any person that aims to understand one from another culture has a great number of opportunities to do research and, what is more important, communicate directly.
  3. Social media enable students to build own portfolio and scientific reputation before starting a career. Many students face different problems after graduating from university because they do not always understand the areas where they may realize the skills and knowledge in practice. Today, it is easy to write an email to any company or scientific institute and present oneself or ask for a consultation. The world is much more open today and interaction between politics, business, and science seems to be a new promising trend. Corporations look for talented young people who have fresh ideas. Although such surrounding is usually highly competitive, talented students may promote themselves effectively in this way.
  4. Popular social media provide useful content and propose numerous educational opportunities for students all over the world for free, including programs that are adapted for students with disabilities and enable them to get knowledge and skills.

Many world universities have the online education. Undoubtedly, nowadays students with disabilities have real chances to get an education avoiding typical problems of inclusion. However, in spite of the existing educational opportunities, social learning and interaction with the peers have even higher priority in this case. It is crucial to be involved in the social life because personal development depends on the skills of communication and solving numerous tasks of collective interaction. Communication skills may be trained and developed by providing access to different learning programs.

However, it must be admitted that the use of social media may have a negative influence on student’s communication and self-concept as well. The Internet is an extremely open surrounding; hence, there are many dangers as well as opportunities. The biggest problem associated with social media use is a loose of concentration and the required skills of critical thinking to be able to sort and analyze the information. Secondly, the social media sometimes may be an aggressive surrounding characterized by an extreme level of bullying. In other words, self-concept building may be considered as a highly complicated task in the informational ocean.

In young age, many people face problems connected with different changes that are made in their consciousness and the potentially negative impacts in the virtual world are obviously possible. Many teenagers find it hard to find clear values and objective senses of living in the world divided by religious, economics, cultural differences that are also reflected in the social media. What is even more critical, teenagers tend to compare themselves with others building their identity. Considering that not all information presented on the social media is true, false picture of reality may be easily imposed. Students may mistakenly think that they are less talented or successful than others only because someone lies. With this in mind, we still need to remember that social media using is not the reason for such a competition but only a technical instrument.

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Finally, with a professional approach and support, students get more possibilities to build communities, find like-minded people, develop their projects and train their skills regardless different restrictions such as physical state, place of birth and living, and financial situation.

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