Things to check before buying managed WordPress hosting – Pros and Cons

 Things to check before buying managed WordPress hosting

Have you tried hosting with various web hosting companies but still not satisfied with the service? Here is something that can give you 100% satisfaction. Managed WordPress hosting is one of the best places to host any website without facing any major issue. In this article, we will understand and evaluate the good and bad of hosting a website on Managed WordPress hosting.

Let us share our years of experience with managed WordPress hosting with various companies. If you are new the term managed WordPress hosting then this article is for you. We will discuss in details about advantages and features you get with managed WordPress hosting.

We know very well that every coin has two sides. Same thing applied in a case of managed WordPress hosting. However, there is no such major or big issues with managed WordPress hosting but yeah they have few downsides, basically for tech-savvy peoples. According to our experience, we feel managed WordPress hosting is best for WordPress blog & Business WordPress Website.

If you are asking why?

Read the complete article to get the answer to your question. Here are some pros of managed WordPress hosting. From the name we can guess, it will take care of everything that is related to WordPress. As we all know managing a platform like WordPress is not easy. You have to keep your themes, plugins, and other things fully updated.

If you have a managed host, then you don’t have to take care of things. Your hosting provider will do this for you. So you can devote your time to something else. You don’t have to check for updates. Also, you don’t have to waste your time on increasing website speed. But however, there are two sides of the coin. Let us discuss some pros and cons about managed WordPress hosting.

The benefits of paying managed WordPress hosting are as follows.

1. Stay up-to-date

We all know there are many updates that are released from time to time to enhance your WordPress experience. With managed WordPress hosting you will be assured that whenever any update is launched it will get updated as soon as possible on your website. A Hosting provider will test the update before they make any update. It is like having a private butler who does all the things for you. That is what we call royalty.

2. Speed Optimization

Things to check before buying managed WordPress hosting
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The speed of any website decides the number of unique visitors they get every time. It is one of the most important things to check before launching your website. Managed hosting providers make sure that your website loads as fast as they can. They do many things to make sure that serve the lowest page load time to the audience. They use the most updated caching plugin, content delivery network and Google speed optimizing.

Most of these managed WordPress hosting include inbuilt caching enabled at the server end, so this means for speed optimization you don’t have to rely on various cache clearing plugins. Many of them include CDN as a part of a package, which makes the speed of your website blazing fast.

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3. Backups

Things to check before buying managed WordPress hosting
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Maximum of time you spend is in improving the user experience of your site. Let us suppose any unfortunate thing occur and all your data is lost then?

You spend a lot of time to improve your site. Just imagine a situation how you will feel if something went wrong, and you lose all of the content? If you are not hosted your website on good hosting provider so in that case, you don’t have any option to recover data. However, with managed WordPress hosting you will get the options for daily backups.

This saves you’re a lot of money as you don’t have to buy paid backup services like VaultPress. Managed WordPress hosting ensures that if something goes wrong with your site then you can quickly restore back to the previous working state.

3. Support

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Any standard shared hosting might not help you in a proper manner if in case any technical issue arises because their support service is not that much known to the platform. But if you buy managed WordPress hosting then you know that the service provider is known to the platform and that is why they are able to help you in a proper manner and they can take care of every technical issue that arises with your WordPress website.

We had a great experience with some of the popular managed hosting providing companies like Bluehost and SiteGround. They offer best customer support service.

4. Security

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You don’t have to worry about malware or other security issues because service provider will keep your data safe. Managed hosting providers do their best for keeping your data secure.

5. Save Time

No need to understand many days in understanding how the platform works because these things are handled by managed hosting providers. Every technical aspect is handled by them so you can concentrate on other things.

These are very few advantages of managed WordPress hosting service, now let’s look into some disadvantages of managed WordPress hosting.

The Cons of Managed WordPress Webhosting

Here are some things that beginners and newbies don’t like :

1. Price (Managed hosting is not for everyone)

As I mentioned above-managed WordPress hosting is for a serious blogger like you and me and business WordPress sites. Managed WordPress hosting will cost you a lot.

Basically, it starts from $30 per month to hundreds of dollar per month. It will depend on how much management you need. If you post goes viral then you have to pay extra.

If you have less number of visitors then you have to pay the basic price of $30 but if in case your visitors gets increased then you have increased the limits by paying some extra dollars. You can increase the limit at any time. For high traffic websites, the cost can get up to hundreds of dollars per month.

2. Managed Hosting UPTime

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If you are operating a corporate or enterprise level WordPress blog or blogging is your full-time business then the huge cost of managed WordPress hosting should not be a reason to stop you from buying. When you will host your website on World-class hosting than for sure you will gain more.

3. Less Control

As the technical things are taken care by managed WordPress hosting provider so you don’t have full control to them. The hosting provider will decide what needs to be updated. This doesn’t mean that you can’t add any new stuff or you can’t do anything in the dashboard. You will be doing everything like usually but things like caching plugins and WordPress updates will be taken care by hosting providers. If you are searching for the best WordPress hosting then Managed WP hosting by Kinsta works like a pro.

As we can see there is no such disadvantage apart from price factor on managed WordPress hosting but with managed WordPress hosting you will have peace of mind and complete hassle-free WordPress blog. If you have the budget that meets the price of managed WordPress hosting then we suggest you go with it today.

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Here are recommended managed WordPress hosting for 2016:

  • SiteGround Hosting.
  • Kinsta Hosting.
  • MediaTemple.
  • Flywheel hosting.


One way or the other you make some mistakes while buying a domain name. The infographic below will help you make a better decision while buying a domain name for your website. Things to check before buying managed WordPress hosting - Pros and Cons

Hope you enjoyed the infographic.

If you are using any other managed WordPress hosting provider? Do share your feedback in the comment section. Do share this article with your friends and let them know about the pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting.

Things to check before buying managed WordPress hosting


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