TikTok is the Most Downloaded App in the App Store for July 2019

TikTok, the much-loved social media video-sharing app is on a roll. Even after getting banned and unbanned in India or governments raising privacy concerns, the Chinese app has passed it all behind as it becomes the most downloaded app in Apple’s App Store. A report by SensorTower claims that it tops the App Store while comes second in the Google Play Store list.

TikTok is the Most Downloaded Application in the App Store

With a total download of 53.5 million in the month of July, the ByteDance owned app’s largest installs comes from India, with 41% downloads, followed by China at 10 percent.  Other social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Likee came in the top 5 most downloaded apps for the month.

Coming to Facebook, it was the most downloaded social media application. It raked in a total of 56 million installs. India was leading again, in the app installs, with a 23% count, followed by 11%. Twitter came on 7th number on the list. It was the 5th most downloaded app on Apple’s App Store. The other apps included in the top-10 list were HAGO, Helo, Pinterest, and BIGO Live.

TikTok’s growth shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s also popular in the US, being the fourth most downloaded social media app. On App Store, it was the third most downloaded app and fourth most downloaded app on the Google Play Store. The app claims to house a lot of talented youngsters despite being controversy’s favorite child.

An important thing to consider is that Sensor Tower ignores pre-installed Google apps, Apple apps. It only gathers intel and reports unique app installs during their testing period. In addition, the list also doesn’t count apps installed from third-party stores.



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