TikTok stretching the time limit from 60 seconds to 3 minutes

This feature could make TikTok a direct rival to YouTube.

Chinese video-sharing social networking TikTok will soon allow its users to record videos for up to 3 minutes. Social media consultant Matt Navarra shared the news. He tweeted a screenshot that makes it clear that the feature is in the early access stage.

The account update read, “You have early access to uploading videos up to 3 minutes long on the TikTok app and desktop! To try it out, make sure your app is up-to-date and try uploading a video from your device to the app or tiktok.com.”

TikTok hasn’t confirmed the news yet. Currently, users can upload a video of one minute. If the new rules take effect, users can upload a tad bit longer content such as video songs, film trailers, etc. Full songs and trailers are YouTube’s territory, which TikTok could meddle with. TikTok is currently banned in India.

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