4 Tips for Thriving in a Virtual Workspace

Though the COVID-19 outbreak certainly increased the prevalence of remote employment, the reality is that millions of people already worked from home on a regular basis before the pandemic. What’s more, many experts predict that the rise of remote employment is not a passing fad –– or a short-term solution for protecting people during the pandemic. For a large number of professionals, the virtual workspace will quickly become the “new normal.” As such, the faster you adapt to it, the better you’ll be able to perform. Thankfully, these four tech tips will help any pro thrive in their new virtual environment. Check them out here:


Synchronize Your Efforts

Most large companies consist of interdependent departments. Often, one team can’t get started on a project until another team finishes a related assignment. Therefore, one of the keys to boosting virtual productivity is synchronization. Communicating with remote team members is vital, and holding online meetings via Zoom or Skype can help keep you and your team stay informed. 

Additionally, collaboration is not only possible in a virtual workspace, it’s usually unavoidable. So remote workers need to get comfortable sharing key documents, editing projects remotely, and holding time-sensitive correspondences with workers from across the globe (potentially). 

Embrace New Technologies

Automation is not a concept that should frighten capable professionals. Rather, ambitious employees should embrace new tech, and seek to use new features like chatbots, data-collection services, and CRMs to operate with greater effectiveness and efficiency. Learning new tech tricks isn’t always easy, but spending some extra time with a new software or tool early on could prove massively beneficial down the line. Indeed, picking up even basic video editing skills, for example, will make a major difference for professionals looking to expand their reach.  

Review & Monitor KPIs

Working remotely is –– primarily –– a solitary exercise. Given that fact, it’s vital for remote employees to review and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to their own productivity. This way, professionals will be able to identify problems and address them before they become major issues. 

Alternatively, forward-thinking pros can use KPIs to make smart decisions on behalf of their company. For instance, a regional director may decide to purchase additional mobile pharmacy POS systems if they proved cost-effective in small samples. 

Stay Flexible

Business in the virtual world occurs differently than in traditional offices. If you really want to get ahead in your new environment, then consider adopting more flexible methodologies. Working odd hours, taking new courses, and addressing new problems might turn some people off, but embracing new ideas is essential to success in the virtual workspace. And the more flexible you are, the better off you’ll be!

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