Tips on Using Your Android for Gaming and Staying Safe

Android devices have gone from simple smartphones to powerful tools useful for almost any digital task. One widespread use of these devices is gaming. Android makes it possible to play everything from classic phone games like Solitaire to high-quality role-playing games.

Finding a good game is simple. Open the Google Play store and browse until your heart’s content. Some options are free, freemium (usually reliant on in-app purchases), and those that require a fee to download.

You can even connect to your PC while on the same wireless network and play games typically reserved for a computer via Steam. This expands the list of available games infinitely.

With so much opportunity to play great games on your Android, several aspects will make your experience more enjoyable. Here are five tips that will make gaming more fun and keep you safe while playing.

1. Stick to Known Entities

Google Play is an accessible and fantastic resource for discovering new games and finding some of your favorites. Many gamers are set on getting to play games that may not be available through traditional resources.

This can lead to some risky behaviors like downloading pirated games or visiting unsecured sources. Illegal downloads frequently contain malicious content that can be devastating if provided access to your device.

Piracy is unsafe and causes games to be more expensive in the long run. It is valuable to find other ways to access titles you enjoy, even if it means paying a little for access.

There are also programs that allow you to run some of the classic games from popular gaming systems on your Android phone. These can help you fill the need to play something from your younger years without visiting a shady source to get the game.

2. Download a VPN App

One of the major dangers of playing Android games comes from connecting to unknown servers. Downloading a VPN app to your Android phone adds a layer of security that is unmatched.

A VPN encrypts data before sending it off to one of its secure servers. From there, your IP address is masked, and the information is sent on to the destination server.

VPN technology is also beneficial if you play games on unsecured Wi-Fi connections. Many of these connections are havens for hackers looking for opportunities to steal information from unsuspecting victims. The VPN encryption can protect you from an attack like this.

3. Get a Bluetooth-Capable Mouse

A mouse capable of connecting to your Android device can drastically enhance your gaming experience. Do away with trying to make delicate maneuvers by tilting your device or tapping the screen.

A Wii remote could also add some fun to your gameplay if you happen to have one laying around. They connect via Bluetooth and can be easily synced to most Android devices.

4. Find a Charging Solution

Many games run sophisticated graphics, quickly draining the battery life of most Android devices. This can be a major letdown in the middle of an intense session of gaming.

Consider investing in a portable, external charger that can go anywhere along with you. This will allow you to plug in your device as you play, even when an outlet is unavailable.

5. Use Advanced Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Tools

There are many anti-virus and anti-malware apps available for download to Android devices. If you find yourself frequently adding new games, investing in a beefed-up security program might be a good idea.

Mistakes happen and unintentionally downloading an app with malware attached is not uncommon. Having a reliable anti-virus and anti-malware app installed will prevent you from unwittingly inviting disaster onto your device.


Gaming no longer requires wires and consoles to be an enjoyable, high-quality experience. Graphics on Android devices have become so good that games look almost real.

Many people purchase an Android specifically for its gaming capabilities. It is important to stay alert to potential dangers even while having fun. Adding a VPN and a solid anti-virus app can provide confidence in the security of your gaming environment.

A few simple amendments like a Bluetooth-enabled mouse and a reliable charging device can keep you in the game longer and performing your best.

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Android devices make portable games a fun way to spend time. Play with confidence by being safe and practicing good online behaviors.

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