Tips that will make your Social Media Graphics stand out

Tips that will make your Social Media Graphics stand out

How do you keep your followers coming back to your social media account? You have to provide them with something to keep their interest in you ablaze, most of the time this depends on the tools and resources available to you, but the secret lies in between combining the skill of creating visually appealing graphics and producing contents unique to your brand while staying true to your aesthetics.

A little inspiration can take you far ahead in keeping your audience interest. Some brands on social media are doing well with their visuals and contents, so they will be used as points of references in this article. Have it in mind that you may need to apply combined knowledge gained from these brands or use them individually but always stay true to your brand’s aesthetics and concept.

Go visual

It takes a lot of time to come up with a great content, sometimes it takes the whole of your time. No matter how engaging your content is, visuals can still help it to gain more attention in the feeds; as people scroll through their social media feeds, visual contents is the best way to grab their attention.

The ideal method is using photographs of high quality as article headers, upcoming event covers etc. You can also create custom banners that will get audience attention at first sight for ads and promotions. You are free to experiment with a variety of visuals until you find one that best work for your brand.

Threadless is an example of a Facebook page that you can emulate its format, they use video as their Facebook cover, followed by Illustrations in their feeds, more videos and lots of graphics with texts. Going through their page is like going on an adventure, and even with all these, they stay true to their brand concept.

Tips that will make your Social Media Graphics stand out

Focus on consistency

Experimentations can only take you so far, once you find a format that best work for you, make use of it and let your audience know that this is how you choose to communicate. You must be consistent in your visual formats and the brand’s unique aesthetics. Posting visuals in the same style or format always seem hard at first but always prove to be useful in the long run. The point you really need to get from this tip is that if you are consistent in your style of posting, your followers will soon associate the style with you and this will make it easy to find your posts in their feeds.

Desenio is an online art print company from Sweden, they have done a wonderful job with their Instagram posts, on their feed you will notice that their style of posting is about their product in context, using this style make products relatable and more attractive to both existing and potential clients. They are able to achieve consistency with the same theme that corresponds to their brand.

Tips that will make your Social Media Graphics stand out

Make use of images with a vibe

While choosing images, even without been taught, everyone will have the urge to pick images that inspire, an image that makes people look twice. Your social media pages are all about presenting an image that clients and followers will associate with your brand. You need a decent collection for this kind of activity, these type of collection can be found on Depositphotos or AirBnb social media pages.

Utilize tools that spark your creativity

There are numerous tools out there that can add sparks to your creativity, one of them is Crello. Crello is a free web-based graphics editor that allows you to create graphics for various social media platforms. On Crello, there are provisions to add more design elements such as fonts, icons etc. in just a few clicks. Crello also provides free amazing templates that you can quickly modify, all templates are standard and meet color and dimension specifications for each social media design.


Add movements to your static posts

Now, you are not limited to still photographs and graphics, integrate some animation into your visual graphics and your social media pages will stand out. Facebook and other popular social media allow you to add pictures and turn them into a slideshow with the ability to add texts and captions. You can also do amazing animation design on Crello, there are hundreds of animation design templates to choose from, edit texts on a template to suit your brand’s usage, add other visual elements as you would when creating ordinary social media posts, then set the elements in motion as you like.

Animated post is a sure way to get the attention of your audience, visit now, signup, select an animated post template and start modifying it, preview and save – it is this easy to create an animated post with Crello.


Understand and make use of UGC (User Generated Contents)

Sometimes the creativity you need, the inspiration comes from your customers, your audience, the people that support your brand. For many brands, it is being used as a tool that creates a sense of belonging for the clients, it makes them feel as part of the community, and this is very useful in brand building.

Starbucks is one of such brands that make good use of UGC; via their Instagram account, they grow a network of people that are loyal to them by allowing clients to generate content that is going to be posted, this also helps the brand in knowing each client perception of their individual product. UGC attracts potential clients as they also want to contribute to what make makes them relax and comfortable.



Your choices of graphics for your social media postings are entirely up to you, but never forget to be consistent and coherent. With tools like Crello, you can save a lot of time and still maintain the standard and trends of social media graphic designs. Take enough time to experiment different format and styles, stay true to your brand’s concept and never give up if things are not working out well, every successful brand has a story to tell.

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  1. I used to create my content on Canva. It is a great tool, lots of templates. Just that with the 2.0 update, there were some issues with their Editor that made me look for an alternative. Ended up using Pixteller and I think they have a better editor in many cases, compared to Canva. And they just launched an animation mode that is way more powerful then Canvas, and very easy to use.
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