Tips to Deploy an Efficient Managed SD-WAN Infrastructure

Any business must have a reliable, robust, and fast network infrastructure for efficient operation. Traditionally, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MLPS) is considered to be the best protocol for network communication between several locations. However, in recent years, the Software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) protocol has become quite popular for the benefits it has over MLPS.

The SD-WAN protocol has several key benefits over MLPS, such as the ability to scale and upgrade without needing to change the existing infrastructure or sacrificing bandwidth.

To set up an SD-WAN network for your organization, you can either choose to set up the infrastructure in-house or approach a managed SD-WAN service provider. Most organizations hire a managed SD-WAN provider to ensure so as not to worry about the network infrastructure, thus saving time, money, and resources.

If you are in the process of hiring a managed SD-WAN service for your organization, then today we are here with some crucial tips that will help you to ensure that you establish an efficient SD-WAN infrastructure for your business.

Tips to Deploy an Efficient Managed SD-WAN Infrastructure

1. Analyze the Benefits of SD-WAN for your Business

SD-WAN is an excellent choice for businesses trying to build cost-effective and reliable network infrastructure. However, before leaping into SD-WAN, it is essential to analyze its benefits on the existing network infrastructure of your business.

Compare the various network and performance parameters and to understand how much of an advantage SD-WAN has for your business. Moreover, the current network setup also needs to be evaluated to make sure that the migration to SD-WAN is possible seamlessly without disrupting your business operations.

2. Network Security Should be Top Priority

Cybercrimes against businesses are quite common these days, and even the bigshot organizations such as Sony, Google, and JP Morgan Chase were subjected to data breach attacks in the recent past.

Therefore, security should be priority No. 1 while setting up your SD-WAN network. However, there is no standard security protocol for SD-WAN, and the protocol used depends on the vendor.

So, while picking a vendor for managed SD-WAN, make sure to evaluate their security and encryption features and research about them before making a choice.

3. Run Pilot Tests Before Deployment

After the design of your SD-WAN network infrastructure gets finalized, it is essential to run pilot tests with test traffic before the actual deployment of the setup.

Network monitoring using test traffic will allow you to come across any issues that weren’t addressed during the design phase. Thus, pilot tests will help avoid problems that otherwise will cost time and money for your business.

4. Assess Your Future Scalability Requirements

While picking a network vendor for your business, it is vital to choose one that can cater to the future requirements as your business grows. Migrating between network vendors can be costly and a threat to your network security as well.

Therefore, don’t just consider your current business network requirements but also ensure that they have the resources in-hand to support the network of your business in the long run as well.

5. Research about the Vendor

Looking beyond the attractive advertisements and offers is crucial to ensure that you get to pick a reliable SD-WAN vendor. While selecting an SD-WAN provider, research their expertise in the industry and also the procedures they follow to assure the quality of service to the customers.

Moreover, if your business is present in different countries, then make sure that the vendor has a global reach so that you can implement a single vendor for your network requirements across locations to ensure consistency in service.

Final Words

The tips listed in this article will help you to pick an efficient managed SD-WAN provider for your business. Managed SD-WAN providers will also offer additional features to make the overall package a sweet deal for customers. Therefore, while choosing an SD-WAN service provider, also make sure to check the add-on features they provider to get the best possible service package for your organization.

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