Tips to Provide Great User Experience in Mobile Applications

Whether you are planning for the new level things or updating the previous versions of your product, there are always few traits those cannot be neglected. While dealing with mobile app development, your users, the overlords expect the unexpected from an app.

With innovations coming, daily, weekly and monthly, the IT industry is booming with a great pace showcasing eccentric features in an app. The rule of today’s marketplace is the one who outstands drives more success.

The mobile app development is gaining immense popularity worldwide. Since the mobile market and its global share is growing rapidly, the app development industry is also changing shapes.

Establishments investing in getting their business online with a mobile app have a bright future ahead. With applications running on various operating systems, iOS App Development delivers you the fruits of success in web app development giving a smoother user experience.

There are various tips and tricks required in the marketing of any form. The fundamentals are the same but, some segments may differ as per the nature of marketing and the targeting audience.

Take a run-down to a few useful tips that can help your company to get more engaged with the end users and to satisfy them with the services provided by your developed applications.

Focus on Hustle Free Functionality

Few app developers don’t spend much time providing the fault-free functionality in their application. According to the survey done by Experience Dynamic shows that 90% of users stopped using the application because of its poor performance.

While a great proportion, 86%, delete or uninstall an app witnessing its flawed functionality. As the feedbacks are user-centric, definitely such glitches are unacceptable.

NB:  If your cleverly designed app doesn’t work effectively, the rest of your UX elements would hardly matter to anyone.

The aim with which an app is built must go in accordance with the ease of its use. An application’s functionality must help the user in completion of tasks, thereby, accomplishing their goal which is the real motivation behind downloading them.

During the product roadmap phase of development, prioritizing core features enables app operators to complete tasks quickly and smoothly.

Why Product Roadmap?

Creating a product roadmap will help you analyze and separate those features that are deemed as the most significant ones and which are flagged as nice-to-have.

Undoubtedly, you would never want an app user to revert to his desktop, so always offer relevant mobile-only functionalities that will encourage a massive amount of people to install, try and make full use of it.

A Compuware study speaks, 79% of mobile users stated that they would make efforts to try using an app only once if it fails to function on the first attempt, while only 16%  reported giving more than two tries, unwillingly.

Better The Search Results

Serve a helping hand to your users. Provide them what all they need immediately to satisfy their wants, and thus drive conversion rates. In your app, you can integrate various strategies, and among these strategies, the two of them are below:

  • Search strategy for Keyword
  • Scanning of Barcode

Users when given an option of search and filters which act as a direct guide to what they’re looking for, will ensure significant hike in your conversion rates.

The purpose behind this method is merely to help customers find what they’re hunting for and this proves that search integration doesn’t filter your results down to 0.

Trust Building Is Crucial

The majority among the individuals download an application only to be overwhelmed with authentication codes and a long list of permissions to be verified and allowed before granting access to it.

A McAfee study revealed that privacy-centric apps contain malware in them and have been listed among the commoners.

This research also found that 82% of apps track mobile activities and 80% out of which are capable of collecting location infographics.

Some unnecessary features or permissions shown in apps are:

  • Many applications ask for credit card information; when there isn’t an e-commerce function integrated into the app
  • Some app request permissions for accessing the photo gallery. But there is no explicit need for it.

These seem annoying many times!

One can relate it directly to the level of trust and comfort that users feel when using a mobile app, affecting the overall brand loyalty in a nonpositive way.

So its advisable to involve transparent permission policies and allow your users to control how they want to share and proceed with their personal information inside a mobile app.

Try to apply the below mentioned:

  1. Clearly outline your business policies and practices, your users will feel more secure and gain acceptance towards the asked permissions.
  2. Include direct links to your regulations page, especially for a retail app.
  3. Ensure credibility by displaying trustworthy badges of security, specifically when users believe in you and your brand by associating their personal and financial information.

Support Customers With Assistance

Assist the operators within the app by mentioning different support options as users often search for help while encountering an issue.

Assist the customers once you have deployed your app in order to get reviews and feedback, such as self-serve, FAQs and live support through click-to-call buttons.

Personalization Matters

Personalization is when an app records the past visits’ behavior and stores it for retargeting purposes. Analyzing a user’s buying patterns, you can provide them with suggestions and convince them with their buying decisions.

Personalization helps provide a more unique, relevant user-experience and this is what you want at last.

NB:  The more the focus paid on a user’s requirements and preferences, the more likely they will continue to use your highly designed application.

Final Words

Today mobile users expect a lot from a mobile application which provides an excellent overall experience. Software development places vital importance in the app development bringing all its principles and attributes together to construct a feature-rich app.

As a guide, the aforementioned tips are to get you started delivering the best to the world. You can mix and match the ideas as per the requirements and design your app creatively fulfilling the motive of its build.

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