Top 7 Main Tools That Will Help You to Write Your Blog

The content management responsibility makes many blog owners uncomfortable. To effectively plan, organize, develop, and market your content, you need to work both hard and smart at the same time.

To work smart could mean many things. It is subjective, but I’m going to present my own definition.

Smart work is a balance between great planning, focused execution, and prosperity in resources. Writing a blog might sound easy until you try to do it. When you get to the real action, you’ll see that you’re missing many components. These unexpected errors will often represent a threat to your personal time, so that’s exactly why you’ll need to carefully organize your resources before writing a thing.

To improve the results of your writing, you’ll need to point your attention to today’s available digital content tools. Content writing does no longer involve only writing. In fact, you need to pay attention to:

  • keywords
  • meta tags
  • readability
  • analytics (mostly your content performance and user behavior)
  • website speed
  • your competitors

Well, think of it like this. Out there, you can and will find a tool that will fulfill a specific purpose, allowing you to focus only on what’s most important.

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Moreover, staying ahead of the competition and understanding what your blog visitors do, think, and believe is also critically important for a future steady growth. That’s exactly why you should pay attention to this post.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 8 main digital tools which will enhance your content planning, organizing, and development processes. Once you’re done the reading, take action by implementing some of these amazing tools to your own blogging activities.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Tools That Will Help You to Write Your Blog

Keyword planning is a significant component of a well-strategized content marketing campaign. Without a doubt, Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool is, without a doubt, the most useful keyword research tool on the market. Google owns it, so you can expect it to be good without giving it a second thought.

Your keywords are the foundation of your entire content. They’re also the hidden keys to your audience’s preferences and searches, so the better you leverage your keywords the better your site will rank in the SERPs. Use this tool to discover keywords and key phrases with high search volume and low competition directly from Google itself.

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Tools That Will Help You to Write Your Blog

Grammarly is the most popular, praised, and valuable content correction tool. As its name suggests, Grammarly helps you detect hideous grammar and spelling mistakes. The tool doesn’t stop there.

Even the free version gives you suggestions on how to correct your mistakes. If you care to invest just a bit, you can leverage premium features that teach you how to never repeat your mistakes again. The “advanced issues” are unlocked, showing you even the tiniest yet significant language mistakes.

Hemingway app

Tools That Will Help You to Write Your Blog

Ernst Hemingway was a spectacular writer due to his unique writing style. He used to write so flawlessly that even 10-year-olds’ could have comprehended his powerful messages.

Hemingway app is a great content development app, its purpose being to make your content more approachable, readable, and simple-to-digest. This is a free web tool, which means you can always use it on the go. Shortly here’s what it does:

  • Shows you the number of characters, words, and paragraphs
  • The number of adverbs that are present in your text
  • Points out complicated phrases and words
  • Gives you a score (1-to-10), the lower the better. If your text exceeds the grade 7, your text needs some improvements.


Tools That Will Help You to Write Your Blog

Keywords again. You see, the entire online marketing game is based on keywords, as without them, brands would encounter real difficulties while trying to position their content and products. The keywords you use are fueling your content, giving it a precise description and meaning in the “eyes” of the search crawlers.

SEMrush makes the study of your competition easier than ever. This brilliant piece of software lets you see the keywords that your competitors are targeting, giving you additional insights concerning your chances of becoming the #1 result on specific keywords.

To stay ahead of your competitors, you’d better register for free right now, see how the platform suits you, and decide whether a complete subscription would improve your content development efforts or not.

Atomic Reach

Tools That Will Help You to Write Your Blog

Atomic Reach is a complex content analysis tool that helps you assess the quality, value, and relevancy of your content, using impressive AI (artificial intelligence) to deliver the best predictions and assessments. You can use this software for free or you can pay for extra features. The bottom point to get close to it because, in turn, it’ll become your greatest content management friend and ally.

Atomic Reach also shows you the precise impact your blog has over your specific niche based on a variety of factors that they choose not to reveal. At the end of the analysis, you’ll be assigned with the “Atomic Score” of your content. The higher the score the better your content is perceived by your audience and by your niche.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

Tools That Will Help You to Write Your Blog

Probably the best software to make your blog posts friendly to Google and the other search engines, Yoast SEO plugin gives you a useful checklist of things that must be done in order for your content to be SEO friendly. This applies especially to those of you who write evergreen content for an evergreen niche.

Moreover, you get real-time suggestions that tell you how to boost your content’s readability level, making them easier-to-digest for your future site visitors.

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Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Niche Forums

Tools That Will Help You to Write Your Blog

Quora and Yahoo Answers are two sources of unlimited information, coming from your most targeted customers. When you see a person asking a very relevant question that relates to your blog’s or product’s uses, leverage the replies that people leave in the “Answers” section and get to know your audience better.

Out of the sea of questions present on both of these platforms, you’ll be able to generate a variety of topic ideas for your future blog posts. Moreover, you’ll get relevant data and information on how people think, behave, and purchase.

Lastly, you should use the best forums in your niche for the same general purposes: ideas, engagement, feedback, and for understanding your main audience. You should use a forum search engine to discover relevant threads and posts on different topics that you are interested in.


Blogging used to be easier. Content marketing used to be easier. SEO, oh, it was so much easier. All in all, everything was more accessible and the competition was less fierce than it is today. To stay on top of things and maintain a competitive advantage in your niche, you’ll need to work hard and smart. Plan effectively, use your resources wisely and act with confidence and faith.


  1. I find that sometimes when I’m working on a piece (especially if it goes over 500 words), I might restate the same point over and over again. Or worse, when I use bullet points, I’m likely to repeat the same sentence structure for every point. In my experience, Hemingway doesn’t look out for this. any other blog writers have this problem, INK has a feature that tags repetitive sentences.


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