Top 10 Programming Languages

If your niche includes websites and application related activities, then you must be familiar with the programming languages. Unfortunately, the computer cannot understand what you want it to do unless you speak its language – that is the programming language. There are several programming languages available and people frequently asked about the best one to use.

Well, honestly it is a difficult question because each and every person and computer is different. When one language might be perfect for one, it might be the total opposite of another computer. If you are going through the same dilemma, we will help you sort out that cloud of fear and create awesome software.

Importance of Programming Languages

First of all, you need to make the definition of programming language clear in your head. The wise man always said, “Whenever you are stuck at something, go back a few steps or start from scratch again.” A programming language is a language through which humans communicate with the computer and provide instructions:

  1. It is an easy platform for humans to connect with computers.
  2. You can automate several processes which are currently the required technology.
  3. Programming languages are required to make mobile apps which are the most commonly used programs used by people.
  4. Developing artificial intelligence.
  5. For every field, a website is needed which can be made using only by a programming language.

Top 10 Programming Languages:

  • JAVA
  • Swift
  • Python
  • C+/C++
  • Ruby
  • Kotlin
  • PHP
  • Rust
  • JavaScript
  • C

Now, once we know how important are those programming languages, it is time to pick the best. There are over 100 programming languages. Consequently, it is difficult to say which one you should use. We selected the top 10 programming languages you can use:


Probably you all heard about this language. According to a survey, it has been seen that people use Java more than anything else. Also, it is easy to learn and use. Although there are some disadvantages of the same. One of them is that Java has reported security issues.

Many clients have complained about the malicious use of programs created by Java. Another problem is that the programs are not well optimized with different browsers. But on the other hand, it is very simple and fast.

2. Swift

Are you using iOS? Then you will know that Swift has been used for iOS and Mac OS-related programs. You must have noticed that programs on Apple operate and run smoothly without any delay. That is why Swift is on this list.

This language programme is easy to maintain. Of course, it is a newcomer to the world of programming, and thus, a lot of changes occur. It is difficult to use third-party apps while working with Swift. They are quite compatible with the other programming languages.

3. Python

You might not like it in this list, but yes, it is quite popular among programmers and companies. Many companies are now preferring Python over others because of their multiple updates and fewer complications.

Another key point why people like this language is because it can be used on several operating systems like Microsoft, Linux, iOS, and UNIX. Coming to the cons of this programming language, first is that you get used to this and it is difficult to work on others. The other one is that it has not performed so well when we talk about mobile apps.

4. C+/C++

This must be the first programming language that you learned, or you may be taught this at school. People originally thought that C+ and C++ would wither off in late 2017 or early 2018, but with the extensive use of VR, these programming languages are still being used.

These ones are more intensive languages with bigger and longer coding references. When programmers can use Python, nobody wants to use C+ and C++ because they are honestly quite complicated.

5. Ruby

Sounds like a gemstone? Well, there is ruby stone, but we are talking about the “Ruby” the programming language. A newly developed language which has gained quite a popularity in the recent years and students love it. It is easier and much more popular than Python. Many programs including Airbnb are using Ruby as a base platform for their creation.

Ruby is like general English language, less coding, and focused on the objective. In some countries, Ruby is so reliable that they are using it for handling the traffic lights.

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6. Kotlin

Android lovers! This one’s for you. Kotlin has been used widely for development of Android-related programs and applications. Android apps are fast, reliable, and less buggy. One complaint which is frequently received is the easy hacking ability.

Experienced and skilled hackers can easily hack into the system constructed on Kotlin. If you wish to learn a new programming language this summer, we would suggest you go for Kotlin. It is popular, simple, and more English-like.

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7. PHP

Any Facebook fan out there? Then you must be aware of the fact that PHP has been utilized for its development along with Facebook and Wikipedia. Although Wikipedia is not a very reliable source for academic papers compared to the best ones you can find from Edubirdie Australia, it can also provide great information and has a simple design.

PHP developers made sure that the business associated purpose of web developers is fulfilled. Here additionally, you must learn to apart from the language itself which makes it an intricate process.

8. Rust

The survey done in 2018 by Stackoverflow tagged as “the most loved programming language,” Rust has topped the list with 78.9% followed by Kotlin. It is an uncomplicated language that people love to learn and work with.

Although many companies are not employing rust as their base of work, many are using it. There are no labyrinthine coding required in Rust making it the beloved language. As a Mozilla product, it does not support complicated high-end coding.

9. JavaScript

According to the same survey, but the tag this time is “the most popular technologies,” gave us the result that JavaScript is the best. About 62.5% programmers use this language to decode the software application. This is also one of the earliest programs that were developed. Unlike the newer ones like Swift, Kotlin, and Rust, JavaScript is more stable and has complicated coding language.

10. C

Being one of the oldest programming languages to be developed in 1972, it still manages to be among the top 15 most popular. It works at the machine level and helps to code almost anything. It has a high compatibility ratio to operating systems as compared to the newer ones, thus, its popularity speaks.


Here we have come up with a list that will help you choose the language to work with. We have made sure that all the best programming languages using which the main programs were created have been covered. Nowadays, everything ranging from a bank to a business requires an online platform which in turn needs a programming language. Of course, it is upon you to choose from.


  1. C and C++ are the basic languages that everyone who want to become Engineer has to learn. As you have mentioned in point 4 its use increased for VR technology, this shows that these languages will always be there. Learning C Concepts is the very first step. If concepts are clear then anyone can learn any other languages easily.


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