Top 12 Linking Building Tools Every SEO Service Provider Should Take Advantage Of

Ask any SEOs out there – what is the thing that works every time in SEO? They will answer- Backlinks.

Moreover, that is true. Backlinks are one of the two most important search-ranking factors with quality content. Backlinks were and are still important in 2018.

Link building has evolved significantly during these years with some major Google updates. Now, the quality of backlinks is more important aspect than the number of backlinks.

As a quality SEO service provider, you always want to give your clients results and rankings and this is impossible without link building.

Link building is hard and time-consuming.

Being an SEO service provider like seoliquido, you have to build many quality links in a short span of time. To simplify your work and make link building a breeze you should take advantage of some awesome link building tools.

Therefore, in this article, I am listing 20 top link building tools that every SEO service provider should take advantage:

Top 12 Linking Building Tools Every SEO Service Provider Should Take Advantage Of

Here we go-

1. Linkminer by Mangools

After creating amazing content, now you want to build backlinks for it. The best way to build links is to steal them from your competitors. Your competitor is the website that is already ranking first or second on SERP for the keywords you wish to rank for. Linkminer is a tool that will analyze your competitor’s backlink profile. Just find your competitor page URL, go to link miner, enter the URL and click the search icon.

The tool will show you all the websites linking to that page along with the type of link (follow or do-follow) and linking website’s SEO metrics. You can now check all these linking websites, reach out to them and ask them to link to your page instead of your competitors. As these websites are already linking to a similar page, they would not be much interested in giving you a link if you do not tell them why you are a better option. Linkminer is one of the tools you get when you buy mangools SEO tools packages.

Visit Linkminer

2. Broken Link Builder

Broken link building is yet another popular and easy way to build links. In this tactic, you find broken links on a website from you want a link and then address the website owner about the broken link on their website and at the same time, you offer them your website link.

The broken Link builder is a tool that will help you find broken links on any website or webpage. This tool is simple yet effective when it comes to broken link building.

Visit Broken Link Builder

3. Muck Rack

Mack Ruck is a tool that will help you find and contact bloggers and journalist in your niche. Muck Ruck is a tool you need to build relationships with other bloggers and journalist in your niche and find awesome link opportunities out of the conversation.

Visit Muck Rack

4. Majestic

Majestic is one of the leading SEO tools in the market. With over 875 billion backlinks in its index, majestic proves to be leading backlink tool you should use. Majestic can help you analyze your competitors or your own link profile. You can compare your link profile with your competitors.

Majestic has a few other features to offer for you like website audit and content suggestion. Majestic is not as costly as compared to other tools like SEMrush with its plans starting from 49£ monthly.

Visit Majestic

5. Link Prospector

This is yet another link-building tool you can think of using for faster and breeze link building. Link building is an easy to use tool to help you with finding and organizing potential link building opportunities. Link prospector will discover all type of link opportunities for your website be it guest posting or directory submission.

This is a tool worth checking out if you are on a link building campaign.

Visit Link Prospector

6. Ninja Outreach

Outreaching is an important part of any link building campaign. This tool is for the same. The tool will compile a list of prospects and then can automate your outreach program. Along with this, it is much easier with Ninja outreach to find and contact influencers in your niche.

Visit Link Prospector

7. Buzzsumo

The secret for gaining more links is to create linkable assets and content. Buzzsumo is a tool that everyone out there is using today. Buzzsumo is a tool that will help you find popular and sensational topics and trends within your niche that are most shareable and linkable. Buzzsumo is easy to a tool that is highly popular these days. Try it once and discover its power.

Visit Buzzsumo

8. SEO site checkup

SEO site checkup is a tool to monitor and analyze your backlink profile easily. The tool is awesome for SEO agencies as this tool analyzes and aggregates the data, radically simplifying the process for you and your team.

The tool will show you your backlinks, their quality, their importance and will help you track your performance.

Visit SEO site checkup

9. Ahrefs

While ahrefs is a complete SEO toolset, it is also helpful in your link building. With Ahrefs you can access your competitors top linked page, link growth, new links, broken links, old links, and a lot of things. This is was just to name a few features, the Ahrefs tool as you know can do many things for you besides helping in link building like- keyword research and site audit.

Ahrefs is a tool to consider if you need a complete SEO toolset. Their prices start from $99 for 1 user.

Visit Ahrefs

10. URL profiler

The tool will help you with auditing your links and your content. URL profiler will you provide you with link metrics, sharing metrics, tools to build content inventory and an audit of unnatural links.

Visit URL profiler

11. Whitespark

Whitespark is a tool more meant for local SEO service providers. Whitespark is a tool that will help you discover local link building opportunities. This is just one of the feature that whitespark has to offer. Whitespark can do many other things to boost your local rankings.

Their plans start from $27 a month.

Visit Whitespark

12. Pitch Box

Pitch box is a tool that will find you bloggers and influencers within your niche in record time. The tool will also help you with sending personalized outreach and follow up. With Pitch box, you can also track your campaign performance.

The pricing starts at $195 per month.

Visit Pitch Box

The Bottom Line

Here we end with the list. While these tools may sound costly for an individual, for SEO agencies thee tools are worth an investment. These tools will help you with every aspect of link building be it finding opportunities, contacting webmasters or tracking performance. When you will use some of these tools from the list, link building will become easier than ever!

Hope this list helps. Please let me know what you think about these tools and the article itself.

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