Top 5 Adware Removal Software for Windows 10

In the light of recent threats to daily computer work in the form of adware and other risks, it has become paramount to protect yourself and your activities from hackers. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the top 5 adware removal software for windows 10. Dive in!

1. MalwareFox

MalwareFox is an anti-malware is a lightweight program. It provides your device with advanced protection against adware, malware, ransomware, spyware, computer hijackers and other threats. It is a lightweight, simple program that is easy to use, even for someone that is not very experienced with technology.

First and foremost, MalwareFox has a clean and simple user interface. The program has such an unbelievable simple installation process. The setup file is just about 6MB, which can be downloaded in a matter of minutes. Installation is done in less than 2 minutes. After this, the program will update and download the latest signatures of threats from the server.

This program has a lot of awesome features;

  • Real-Time Protection:

This will detect and remove threats before they are able to damage your computer. It works in the background and doesn’t intrude on your activities.

  • Fast Scan:

The program scans files or programs very fast. Also, you can scan files separately; just drag and drop into the program itself. Fun right?

MalwareFox has an elegant and simple user doesn’t degrade your computer and is very effective against threats. It is definitely worth your money!

2. AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner is a free program which allows you to have a better user experience on your computer while browsing the internet. How? By searching for and deleting adware, toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and browser hijackers from your computer.

AdwCleaner is designed to target programs which are typically bundled with free programs downloaded online. If such unwanted programs are installed, your computer will be loaded with extra browser toolbars, adware, and other unwanted programs.  AdwCleaner scans and removes these programs from your computer.

AdwCleaner is a simple program. All you need to do is simply download the program and run it. Then, a screen will pop up, where you’ll see a scan and clean button. The scan button will make AdwCleaner search your computer for unwanted programs and then it will display all the files, folders and registry entries that are used by adware on your computer.

Once the scan is done, you can then look through the checked results and uncheck any entries you want to be deleted. When you’re done, simply click on the clean button. AdwCleaner will then reboot your computer and remove the checked results. On the restart, AdwCleaner will show a log displaying everything deleted.


  • Advanced Technology

AdwCleaner has technology designed specifically to remove adware, PUPs and browser hijackers. This technology makes AdwCleaner aggressively target these threats.

  • Fast Scan

This program scans your computer in seconds and cleans it in even lesser time. Also, it doesn’t use much memory and has no installation files.

Indeed, AdwCleaner is a handy weapon in the fight against adware.

3. Adware Removal Tool by TSA

Adware removal tool is a freeware developed to remove adware from devices. This tool allows users to easily remove adware, PUPs, annoying toolbars and hijackers.

Adware Removal Tool by TSA is lightweight. Downloading and installing the tool is quick and easy. The tool is able to detect and delete adware that hijacks your browser, show you unwanted ads and make you more vulnerable to malware and adware.

The tool uses a powerful database which works on the cloud-based system to automatically update the adware database whenever you run it. The tool removes hijackers from your browser and allows you to have a seamless internet experience.


  • Deep Scan:

The tool is able to scan deeply to clean unwanted programs entrenched deeply in hidden registry entries.

  • Clean-up:

Adware Removal Tool by TSA completely removes browser hijackers, unwanted toolbars and deletes PUPs.

This program is completely free and very easy to use. It is an excellent software to use and great for adware removal.

4. HitmanPro

A powerful adware removal tool, HitmanPro probes deep to rid your computer of infections. It is the first behavioral anti-malware software which is powered by multiple antivirus scanning engines. There are two products to select from – HitmanPro and HitmanPro Alert. HitmanPro is a removal product that does not provide real-time protection from threats. It is to be used in addition to an adware removal tool. On the other hand, HitmanPro Alert provides real-time protection and has other awesome features.

HitmanPro comes with advanced technology that allows users to accurately remove risks from their computer. This helps prevent serious privacy breach and data loss.

The program has a scanning technology that not only incorporates its own virus definitions but that of 5 other antivirus vendors. It has a lot of impressive advantages and is recommended for all computer users.


  • Scan Cloud Feature
  • Advanced real-time protection
  • Advanced ransomware protection
  • Advanced malware removal

With this program, you get a free 30-day trial to remove malware. With low pricing and so many features, it is easy to guess what your choice will be.

5. Super Antispyware

Super Antispyware is a program that can detect and remove malicious software and unwanted programs from your computer. This antispyware program targets spyware, adware and other threats which may be on a computer.

With this program, you get to choose parameters when scanning. Also, you can speed up the scan with the Scan Boost option. The program has a sophisticated user interface, on which you will find a lot of useful information about the tool.


  • Scheduled scans and quarantine to view potentially harmful files.
  • Scan logs to access detailed logs of past scans.
  • Improved memory management.

This program provides great protection from adware and other threats.


Great! We have seen the top five programs that deal with adware effectively and work perfectly on windows 10. Go get yours today!



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