Top 5 Methods to Optimize Windows 10 for Best PC Performance

Majority of people use Windows on their personal computers. With the latest Windows 10, it is everybody’s expectation that the computers should work smoothly and fast to facilitate fast processing and results. However, it happens that sometimes the computers become slow with time. In this tutorial, we are going to learn the different ways of optimizing Windows 10.

When you optimize Windows 10 computer, you will experience sleek computing with little to no annoyance. Here are the best ways to ensure that your Windows 10 computer reaches its optimal performance.

Method 1: Trim the Junk from Your Computer

Once you buy a new Windows 10 computer, you will most likely find some applications that came with the device that shipped with the OEM install. Some of these apps have no use for your computing needs. You may want to remove them to allow your computer to run fast and reduce the number of processes it has to run.

If you had installed some applications for specific tasks and you think you do not need them any longer, you may want to remove them from the system. This will free up the storage and the memory.

Method 2: Limit the Number of Startup Processes

Top 5 Methods to Optimize Windows 10

When booting your computer, some processes, or background applications, start automatically at Windows start. Some of these processes are not essential for Windows to run or accomplish the tasks you need to achieve. The processes that load during boot time make the computer a bit slower in booting. You can stop some of them to boost your Windows 10 performance.

To check and manage the startup processes on Windows 10, Press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC buttons simultaneously to launch the Task Manager. On the Task Manager Window, click on the “Startup” tab. Here you will see all the programs that have to load when starting Windows 10. You can stop all the processes that you do not need.

Method 3: Increase Your Computer RAM

Top 5 Methods to Optimize Windows 10

Computer vendors ship computers with different memory sizes. You may need to increase your computer memory depending on the tasks you carry out on it. For instance, a programming student may need more RAM than a freelance writer at TypeMyEssays may need. In the same manner, gaming people and movie editors will need far more RAM than many other computer users.

Having sufficient memory will help boost your computer for more functions without having to close down some programs. Switching between program windows is easier when you have sufficient RAM because the processes are saved in the temporary memory.

You will need to check the type of RAM your computer needs by visiting the manufacturer’s website. You can also take the computer to the technician shop to have them fix the RAM you need for you if you are not comfortable with opening your machine.

Method 4: Ensure You Enable Windows Updates on Your Computer

Having the latest computer software updates for your Windows 10 will ensure that your apps and functions are at the best performance. The update releases come with drivers needed for some Windows features for a sleek performance.

The Windows Update feature also keeps your computer protected from the latest virus invasion to improve your privacy and security. You may also want to check and install the latest updates manually by going to the Settings app and selecting the Update and Security>Windows Updates.

Method 5: Ensure Your Programs Are Up-to-date

Some of the computer software we use was made for the previous Windows versions. These apps usually run on Windows 10, but they are a bit slow. Since the different technologies change differently, you need to check for an updated version that is compatible with Windows 10.

If the program was updated quite some time back, you might need to find the best alternative that runs smoothly on Windows 10. It is also possible to install the app in compatibility mode using the program troubleshooter.

The Bottom line About Windows Optimization

Now you know how to make your computer run faster. In case the tips above do not help, you may need to contact the shop where you purchased your computer (that is if it is still under valid warranty). You may also want to get in touch with Microsoft for personalized support for the computer you use.

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