Top Tips for Making Your Business More Trustworthy

Trust is a very valuable commodity for any business. With trust, a business is able to attract new customers at a prodigious rate. By contrast, those businesses which don’t take seriously the importance of protecting and cultivating trust, are doomed to struggle and fail.

Anything that your business can do to make customers more trusting is worth pursuing. You should also always view maintaining trust with your customers as a valuable act and be willing to spend financially towards this objective.

The following words of advice can be applied to just about any business. Each is an effective way of improving the image of your business in the minds of customers. If you want to rapidly build up a trusting relationship between you and your customers, then these are the words you need to remember.

Offer Warranties

Warranties are a fantastic instrument for both businesses and customers. From the perspective of a business, a warranty sets out exactly what their obligations are. In doing so, a warranty provides a business with a degree of protection should the product develop a fault or fail.

For your customers, a warranty is like an insurance policy. Offering a free warranty as standard will get you a lot of appreciation from customers. The amount it will cost you to replace devices under a warranty scheme will be nothing compared to the potential extra business you can secure by offering something that your rivals aren’t.

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Put Customer Service First

Perhaps the most important measure of a business’s trustworthiness is the way that they approach customer service. Legitimate and reputable businesses tend to run more generous programs. We’ve all heard horror stories of big corporations and their inelastic, often unfair, customer service policies. You don’t want your business to end up taking that kind of PR hit, the costs of generous customer service are minor compared to the damage bad service will do to your reputation.

Good customer service means being willing to go the extra mile for your customers in providing them with the absolute best possible experience. The cost of keeping a customer happy is usually nothing compared the money you will make from their long term, repeat custom.

Project a Professional Image

Businesses that seem in any way suspect will have a much harder time in convincing customers to give them a chance. You cannot build loyalty or trust with your customers if you have no customers to begin with! In order to build trust with your customers, you will need to demonstrate your professionalism at every opportunity.

Consider, for example, the case where you want to email a customer. Do you think the customer is more likely to trust an email that clearly comes from your company, or one that contains a generic  address with a free service. Think about the different impressions created in each case. It is well worth your time setting up a dedicated business email for this purpose.

Any investment you make in building trust with your customers is one that you are certain to recoup in increased business.



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