Top Trending Holiday Season Hashtags

For retailers and shoppers alike, the holiday season is bae. As we speak, shopping is topping the chats. From Instagram to Facebook, TV to supermarkets, holiday sales are making waves. Reports predict 52% of shoppers will shop online, spending an average of $862, and up to $1.1 trillion this season.

Already, smart brands are sparing nothing to ensure that customers spend their holiday dollars with them. One way they’re doing this is by showcasing their products and services to potential customers on Instagram using trending holiday hashtags. 

Interestingly, reports say 81% of people use IG for product/service research, while 11% of US social media users actually shop on Instagram.

It is therefore important to note the trending Instagram hashtags this holiday season, leverage them to reach and attract new shoppers, improve visibility, sales, and conversion.

In this post, you will discover some holiday sales statistics, top trending Instagram holiday hashtags to try this 2019 and finally, how to effectively use these hashtags.

The Holiday Season Shopping Frenzy (Shoppers & Retailers)

The holiday season is not only the busiest time of year for both shoppers and retailers, but it is also equally the most lucrative for retailers. According to a forecast by The National Retail Federation (NRF), holiday retail sales, for November and December are expected to increase between 3.8% and 4.2% this year.

While shoppers shop for deals, offers and coupons, brands/retailers are working to meet and beat customer expectations via holiday hires, site/store/social media optimization, giveaways, free deliveries, etc.

To buttress this, here are

Some Interesting Holiday Sales Statistics to Note

  1. Black Friday is the busiest traffic day of the year.
  2. 49% of what holiday shoppers purchase is influenced by the retailer.
  3. 65% of people’s holiday purchases are influenced by sales and promotions.
  4. 73 percent more people used Instagram to track deals during the 2018 holiday season compared to 2017.
  5. 55 percent of all holiday purchases will take place online.
  6. 61 percent of holiday shoppers will buy their last gift in the week leading up to December 25.
  7. 23 percent of shoppers plan to use social media to help with their holiday shopping process.
  8. Speaking of social media, Facebook readily comes to mind because more than half of internet users are on Facebook.  
  9. However, Instagram is also a social media force in its own right, with 1 billion monthly active users. And thanks to its photo-centricity, shoppers flock to it for product research and purchase. 
  10. But to rise above the holiday shopping noise and win on Instagram this holiday, brands must discover, develop or use relevant, trending holiday hashtags. 
  11. Hashtags improve reach, exposure, visibility, engagement, and ultimately conversion. 

Below are;

10 Top Trending Holiday Instagram Hashtags to Try in 2019

  1. #holiday
  2. #travel
  3. #vacation
  4. #love
  5. #trip
  6. #photography
  7. #photography
  8. #explore
  9. #fun
  10. #happy

How to Use these Hashtags Effectively

Use Relevant Trending Holiday Hashtags

Brands use hashtags to reach a targeted audience, promote products/service or generate buzz. Search for and use trending hashtags that are relevant to your business this season. This will brighten your chances this season.

Focus on existing customers and plan to reach new ones by using holiday-themed hashtags that resonate with your brand, and closely match customer search intent or query. Think like a shopper. What are you likely to search for this holiday shopping season as a shopper? 

Try out hashtags like #BlackFridaydeals, #ChristmasSales, #holidaydealsinLA, etc.

Take A Cue From Others

Research holiday hashtags that are trending within your industry or vertical. Keep an eye out for volume as well. Is it already overused? In that case, you can stand out by creating catchy branded hashtags unique to you or your products, that your customers can totally relate with.

Boost your post’s organic reach this holiday season by using the right hashtags, high-quality photography, and actionable copy. This will help your post or content generate attention, buzz and relevant, interested, qualified traffic who are ready to spend some holiday dollars.

Don’t Overuse Hashtags

While we all love good holiday deals and holiday shopping hashtags, we also hate spam. Avoid using too many hashtags in your posts or content. 

Hashtag overuse does not only make your posts appear overcrowded, but also makes it look spammy, plus it hampers readability. All deal breakers.

Keep your hashtags simple and relevant. Distribute them evenly and ensure they fit naturally within your posts for improved readability and impact. Keep this in mind this season as you plan and implement your holiday shopping hashtag strategy.

Include Hashtags in Your Holiday Season Contests and Giveaways

Shoppers are willing to do a lot to win contests and giveaways this holiday season. Leverage this to get your posts trending by encouraging them to join contests or giveaways using certain pre-determined holiday hashtags.

Be creative here. 

Encourage them to share and tag their friends who may also be interested. By building buzz around your branded hashtags, you can generate attention and new traffic. 

This way you also build engagement and user-generated content for free, which are great for your brand long-term. 

Add Trending Holiday Hashtags To Your Instagram Story

500 million people use Stories daily! Other reports say 300 million users visit at least one business profile daily. Now combine that with the fact that 62% of people say they have taken interest in brands/products after seeing them in Stories.

This right here is why you should take advantage of Instagram’s new feature that lets you add hashtags to your Stories this holiday season. Add your products/services, offers, promos and giveaways to your story with relevant trending hashtags. 

Become more discoverable via Search/ Explore by exploring Instagram Stories hashtags.


Start creating holiday-focused content for your IG profile. Think like a shopper and include hashtags a typical shopper will use this holiday season. 

This can give you extra exposure, visibility, discoverability, new customers and revenue, both for this season and going forward.

How do you plan to use Instagram hashtags this holiday season?

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