ToTok removed from the Google Play Store for a second time

The app was brought back to the Play Store back in January.

ToTok app was removed for a second time from the Google Play Store as it’s been accused of doubling as a spy tool for the United Arab Emirates government. The New York Times had published a report about the app and soon after it was banished from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

ToTok removed from the Google Play Store for a second time

The removal of the app was reported by 9to5Google. The search giant confirmed that the app was indeed taken down for a second time but no specific explanation was given. However, the app was not reinstated on the App Store.

ToTok rejected all the rumors in a statement that said, “Not only do we respect privacy and ensure security, but our users also have the complete control over what data they want to share at their own discretion.”

If you don’t know what ToTok is, it’s a messaging app that, according to the makers, is fast, free, and secure. It also claimed that the app was not just downloaded by millions in the UAE but also in some parts of the Middle East.


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