Toyota to utilize Electric vehicles for 2020 Olympics and Paralympics

The Olympics 2020 is a year away but preparations have already begun. Toyota is the official vehicle provider and they have set their plan in motion. The Japanese automotive firm will provide battery-electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. The automaker said that it will implement its 3,700 mobility products and/or vehicles, 90% of which will be electric. Out of these 3,700 vehicles, 850 will be battery-electric and 500 will be fuel-cell electric.

Toyoto to utilize 3,700 vehicles for 2020 Olympics and Paralympics

The firm’s press release states, “Out of the approx. 3,700 mobility products and/or vehicles for Tokyo 2020, 2,700 vehicles will be part of the official fleet providing transportation support between venues during the Olympic Games. These will be commercially-available vehicles, such as Mirai, etc. Preliminary calculations suggest that the CO2 emitted by the commercially-available fleet for Tokyo 2020 will average less than 80 g/km*1, resulting in a reduction by approx. half of the typical amount when compared to a similar-sized fleet of mostly conventional gasoline and diesel models. As such, Toyota aims to achieve the lowest emissions target level of any official fleet used at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

The all-electric vehicles are built in a way that it can hold up to five passengers. This sort of transportation will be a crucial thing for disabled athletes and of course the guests. This was a major in the 2018’s Paralympic Games held in South Korea where disabled athletes who competed in ice and snow experience severe accessibility problems.

Toyota is synonymous with innovation and we will get to see plenty of it. Reports suggest the inclusion of a flying car that to light up the Olympic torch and robots who would serve food and drinks at the event. In another story, the automotive manufacturer is also planning to build robots that would help disabled people with their wheelchairs.



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