Twitter Tips to Grow Your Business Effectively

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to grow your business. One tweet can have an average lifespan of only 18 minutes. For each second, there are 7,000 tweets being sent. Indeed, it is harder for your messages to stay long and create an impact than any other platform. In a big crowd of marketers, it is easy to get lost.

As such, your marketing techniques in Twitter must have a punch to make people pay their attention to you. However, it can be hard to know what exactly the techniques that will work and which ones are a total waste of time. Thus, here are some effective Twitter tips that you can try today:

Choose the Right Header Image, Profile Photo, and Handle

Choose an easily recognizable Twitter handle. Also, it must be short so people can tag you easily. Across all social media profiles, make sure that you keep your name consistent. This is as effective as Twitter followers to buy. If you use a different name from your business or company, you might confuse your followers or make them hard to find you.

Choose a Twitter handle that is as close as all your social media accounts. Do not add any unnecessary characters so your pages are easy to find. Skip using any punctuation marks or any irrelevant numbers. Make sure that you keep your name short and sweet. With this, you will get more mentions from other brands or users.

Moreover, make sure that your profile picture is memorable and recognizable. You can use your brand logo which will increase brand awareness. Anytime your user interacts with your account, they can recognize your logo and be more familiar with it. The simpler and the cleaner the logo, the better. Choose an image that is visible even when you compress it.

In addition, keep in mind that the header photo is used to increase brand awareness. This is the perfect place to show off your brand personality and unleash your creativity.

Optimize your Bio

The Twitter bio consists of 160-characters which is located underneath the profile picture. With this, you can showcase the company or business that you have. Thus, make sure that you create an amazing one.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to explain who you are and what kind of business do you offer. This is like having twitter followers to buy which is an effective strategy.

Send Tweet During Peak Hours

There are certain hours and days in a week where users are active on Twitter. With this, they are more likely to engage with your posts. As you identify these hours and days, you can gain more clicks, impressions, and boost your engagement.

According to experts, tweets that are posted on Friday and weekends can have higher engagement than those posted during the weekdays.

Use the Right Hashtags

Tweets that include hashtags will have twice engagement versus those who don’t. But experts agree that those tweets with two hashtags can have a drop in their engagement. Thus, it is important to use the right hashtag but make sure not to overuse them. Include those that are relevant to the context of the tweet that you have.

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