Twitter’s new feature will put a limit on replies

The feature will be a great tool to limit trolls.

Twitter has been a medium of conversations that otherwise won’t happen. But lately, it has become the de facto dwelling of trolls who target dissident users. That is all set to change. A new feature will now let you control who can reply to your tweets.

Twitter's new feature will put a limit on replies

A wake-up call could be a catalyst as to why Twitter is even considering this feature. Trolls have the upper hand in trolling people which most of the time aren’t civil. If the feature is given a go-ahead, Twitter users will shortly get a new setting for handling their conversations in terms of its participants. You will get to choose from 4 options – Global, Group, Panel, and Statement. This is being done to reduce online abuse.

Each of the said features will have its own power. Global will acknowledge anybody who sees that tweet to reply, provided if they have an opinion. Group will allow only people whom you; whom you follow as well as the people you @mention in that tweet to reply. In Panel, only the people specifically mentioned in the tweet can reply. And last but not least, the Statement will go down well with others as once you select this mode, you will receive zero replies.

The feature will undergo experimentation in Q1 2020. We’ll have to wait until further confirmation.


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