Two Successful Cloth Businesses For Sale on ExchangeMarketplace Reviewed

Ever since the lucrative clothing and apparel industry entered the online shopping space it has been able to widen its reach to an ever expanding consumer base by  diversifying in many ways. With a continuous change in fashion trends, these businesses are able to offer a variety of clothing and apparel to capture a varied range of customers. Niche spaces are created by unique print on demand designs and customisation of clothes. This industry has plenty of potential that demands to be explored. Let’s look at two well-performing online cloth businesses for sale on Shopify’s ExchangeMarketplace.

1. Bali Babe Swim

Bali Babe Swim is an online clothing store that sells swimwear and jewelry. This business was started early in 2018. With more people opting for swimming as a way to stay healthy and have fun, it has been forecasted that the swimwear industry has much to look forward to. Also, the increasing craze for beachside holiday destinations makes swimsuits and bikinis all the more desirable. This online store has capitalized on these factors and carved a unique space for itself.

Swimwear by Bali Babe Swim for your beach holidays and pool time.

This store has custom branding, photos and video advertising with models. It is a stable business which has been able to scale up rapidly and has steady sales even during the winter months.

Bali Babe Swim makes an average monthly revenue of a little over $16,000 with a monthly average of 1500 transactions. It makes an average monthly profit of $8700 at a profit margin of 25%. It has a high monthly average of website traffic at 22,534 sessions. This online store’s margins come from its drop shipping strategy. While it has frequent free giveaways of its merchandise, it makes profits on the difference between the shipping charges and the price paid for the goods.

Total Revenue of $288,220 since July 2017.

The expenses involved in running this online store include the Shopify plan, workforce maintenance, web domain name, Shopify applications and running advertisements on Facebook. Typically, all of this sums up to $10, 630 per month. While Facebooks ads take up a huge chunk of expenses ($10,000), this expenditure could vary and hence be reduced.

The buyer of this business gets full access to the logo and branding assets, web domain name, product photos and videos, mailing list, contacts of suppliers and social media following. The seller is also willing to provide personal support to the buyer to help run the business and get a grasp on day to day operational tasks.

Future plans for Bali Babe Swim include increasing its earnings and brand awareness through advertising (Instagram and Facebook), marketing campaigns via email, improving and updating the website and most importantly, placing bulk orders for merchandise.

This store is a promising venture for anyone looking to enter the ecommerce side of clothing and apparel. It is also a niche space that cannot be replaced. This cloth business for sale is priced at $25,000 on ExhangeMarketplace.


Brklyns defines itself as an urban aesthetics and accessories brand that sells funky and alternative clothing and accessory styles at affordable prices.

This online store sources its merchandise from a variety of independent designers. Its target group consists of consumers who are looking for clothing that is  unconventional, new, hip and is symbolic of radical change. It caters to the crowd that wants gothic, grunge and punk styles.

Brklyns: Be new, be different, be a rebel.

This store has rebranded itself completely, redesigned the website and included new products after being bought from the previous owner and has invested a lot on advertising on Instagram and Facebook. This cloth business for sale is a drop shipping business, wherein majority of the profits come from the difference between the price paid for the bulk merchandise and the price at which it is sold.

Brklyns makes an average monthly revenue of $2441 with about 80 transactions a month. It receives an average profit of $500 a month with a profit margin of 40%. This relatively young business has made over $50,000 in a year.

Total Revenue of $53,699 since April 2017.

The buyer of this business gets full access to the logo, branding assets, web domain name, product photos, list of suppliers contacts and social media following. The seller is also willing to provide personal support in running the business after the sale.

The expenditures involved in running this business stand at about $35 consisting of the Shopify plan and the web domain name. The new buyer could invest in advertising on Facebook, Instagram, creating new content for the ads and redesigning the website. This unique, stable venture is up for grabs at $2300 on ExchangeMarketplace by Shopify.

Brklyns and Bali Babe Swim are two clothing businesses that are in popular and upcoming niches in the clothing and apparel industry. These two businesses have a drop shipping strategy which not only makes it possible to provide attractive offers and discounts that draw in customers but also makes it convenient to capture the profits through differences between the buying and selling price and shipping charges. Drop shipping combined with sale of clothing and apparel is an area that has much scope for profitability. Ventures in this area must be watched out for.

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