What are the Different Types of WordPress Hosting Plans

A right web hosting can determine the response rate of any website. Thus, it is necessary to choose the right hosting plan that meets your requirements for improving your web visibility and sales in return. This aspect is most often overlooked, but it is essential to understand the underlying terminology and take the right decision. Different types of WordPress Plans make it confusing to choose the best WordPress Hosting as per the business needs. The right choice and selection of WordPress plan can improve SEO and ultimately increase sales. In this post, you will get a list of different types of WordPress hosting plans. Let’s delve into the details to find out the best.

What are the Different Types of WordPress Hosting Plans

Types of WordPress Hosting Plans

There are different WordPress plans Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud WordPress Hosting plan.

1. Free WordPress Hosting Plan

Free WordPress Hosting Plan ensures high-end performance, functionality and reliability. The web host panel is quite pleasing and user-friendly. With free WordPress hosting, no ads pop up and interfere while navigating through the website. It is quite easy to install, and the WordPress plugins ensure faster operation in comparison to most of the paid hosting plans.

This plan is perfect for any website. Free WordPress hosting plan is ideal for stepping ahead for initiating the journey on a virtual platform.

2. Shared Hosting Plans for WordPress

The Shared Hosting plan is the best option for people who are creating their first website and need to take things slowly and upgrade as the need arises. Shared Hosting plans are easy to use and economical regarding pricing. The hosting service providers offer the Shared Hosting plans at the low price.

3. VPS hosting plans for WordPress

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting plan allows you to share hardware with many users, but you need not share resources with them. The increased customized feature of the VPS hosting plan enables you to customize different aspects of the configuration including OS and the amount of power required. VPS Hosting plan is relatively cheap. Managed and Unmanaged are the two types of VPS hosting plans. Managed VPS hosting plan is ideal for users who don’t want to get involved in several manual changes and enjoy the benefits while Unmanaged VPS plans are perfect for users having experience with configuration servers.

4. Dedicated Hosting plans for WordPress

If you select the Dedicated server, you don’t need to share hosting resources with any user. This WordPress Plan offers dedicated resources just like VPS, and in this case, you get robust hardware too. This plan provides superior customization facility as you own the server. The resources provided by Dedicated server plan are enough to keep the website running at the top.

5. WordPress Cloud Hosting plans

With WordPress Cloud Hosting services website hosting is done on the virtual servers that pull the computing resources from the underlying networks of the physical web servers. Cloud Hosting services ensure the performance of the site that you are looking for. Cloud hosting has become extremely popular. The resources essential for maintaining the website spread across the cluster of servers which work together. It guarantees high reliability and safety. Amid different WordPress Plans, Cloud Hosting ensures faster load times for low-density servers, multiple caching layers, and premium hardware.

Why are WordPress Hosting Plans the best?

  • WordPress Themes- Thousands of WordPress themes, extensions and plugins are available over the internet. So, you can choose the theme that suits best in accordance with your requirements and can customize it accordingly.
  • SEO Friendly- Selecting WordPress Hosting plans is a smart decision! For its SEO friendly features, the website quickly gets good ranking on the search engine by inviting traffic towards the site. Each of the pages on the WordPress website is SEO optimized and are according to the industrial standards that helps to grab high rankings on the search engine.
  • Support Community- WordPress plans are regarded as the best way to serve the WordPress community. With community support, anyone can use this platform to launch the WordPress site.
  • Easy to Customize- WordPress sites are easy to customize, and regarding content and layout, you get full control over the URL structure of the website.
  • Easy to Manage- Managing WordPress websites is quite more comfortable and can be managed by persons having no experience on CMS.


I hope this article helps you to decide the right hosting plan that suits your requirements. If you are planning to host your WordPress site, refer the above checklist before selecting a WordPress hosting plan.



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