US might have some good news for Huawei: Wilbur Ross

In an interview with Bloomberg published on Sunday, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said that the licenses for U.S. companies to sell components to China’s Huawei Technologies Co will come very shortly.

US might have some good news for Huawei: Wilbur Ross
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Ross said the licenses “will be forthcoming very shortly” and that the U.S. government had received 206 requests. “That’s a lot of applications – it’s frankly more than we would’ve thought,” Ross added.

Huawei in May was put under the U.S. blacklist summoning national security concerns. Therefore the company was banned from buying American-made parts without a special license. Moreover, Donald Trump assured in June to provide some relief to firms that did business with Huawei.
When talking about U.S.-China trade developments, Wilbur Ross said that there was no reason the deal could not be on track to be signed this month. “We are in good shape, we are making good progress, and there is no natural reason why it could not be,” Bloomberg quoted Ross as saying.


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