Why You Should Wait Till 2018 for Your iPhone X

iPhone X

After Apple launched iPhone X, you are probably itching to make the order first thing in the morning of October 27. However, it seems you will not be alone in this rush of owning the most iconic smartphone available to the mass market. Projections show that the buzz is likely to get incredibly crazy that day.

The pre-ordering process will be brutal, and even if you manage to be the first to order, the chances are that you will miss out from the original stockpile. The demand for iPhone x is expected to exceed 100 million before 2019. It features an A11 Bionic chip, 5.8-inch OLED screen, and Face ID smartphone.

Apple has ordered just 12 million units of the most prominent smartphone ever produced by the company. They cite essential security features, integration of technical features, and supply chain constraints. They, however, hope to sell a considerable number of iPhone 8 and 8 plus in its stead.

Here is why you should shun the mad rush to wait until 2018.

1. Wait for reviews

There is no better way of knowing something than letting a user give you a firsthand account of the product. Currently, no one has used the phone. All we have is company’s review of the product.

As customers buy and use the product, we will know more about the features in the product. Notice that a lot has changed on the iPhone if you compare it to the previous series. It is the first time that Apple is using OLED screens. We do not know how they will integrate with the other technologies. We are also yet to see how the all-glass body and slimmer bezels will work out.

If you buy in 2018, you will buy from the point of information. I see no reason to rush to make a $999 investment when you can wait.

2. Wait for offers

As we progress, value addition and bundling will become common as customers request more through feedback. What is missing can be added, and service providers are always willing to come with bundled offers that can improve your overall experience.

Most of the discounts come after holidays when companies are trying to spice up the sluggish first quarter. It would be a perfect time to get an iPhone X bundled with an impressive data plan or even other awesome accessories.

3. You’ll still wait

Experts suggest that about a quarter of those who will make pre-orders will not get the product until February and March when the second shipment arrives. I see no wisdom in trying to beat the pre-order process only to wait until March, which will be the case.

The temptation to try the pre-order website on 27th is strong. If you succeed to order, well and good. If you are the patient type that wants to adopt late, you can wait. Especially if you have an iPhone 7, I see no hurry in trying to land X when you can simply enjoy the very last minutes of the current phone.


The phone is well worth the hassle of trying to get it ASAP, but you can always wait. Apple believes that the new changes to its smartphone stable will help it navigate away from the competition with superior and futuristic approaches to emergent technologies.



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