What Affects your Internet Speed (Infographics)

Welcome to the online world which lies only one click away. You can browse to your heart’s content, stream all the HD videos you want, share hilarious family moments via video chat or challenge your friends to an online battle to decide who the champion is.

But that online world one click away can become two clicks or even more, if your internet suddenly begins to lag. This is a frustrating situation, one that affects many people. Before you feel like calling up your ISP to yell at them, or throwing up your hands in exasperation at yet another laggy online experience, there are certain things you can watch out for to check if those are the reasons for your slow internet speed.

Your internet speed can slow down for a variety of reasons, and the most obvious one could be your ISP. Yes, the subscription plan you currently have with your ISP could be inadequate for your online needs. The number of connected devices could have increased, the amount of data being used could have increased due to the added load on your network, but you may simply need an upgrade on your plan.

But not all factors are this obvious and this infographic created by BlueGadgetTooth clearly gives out the top ten factors that affect your internet speed.

Did you know that the type of router you have could be the reason for your slow internet? Routers have a tendency to last for a long time, but technology grows in leaps and bounds so quickly, that gadgets which were state of the art a decade back would be ineffective for handling the data needed for transactions or data transfers today.

From simple solutions like upgrading your router to a newer model, to just getting your device wired to your router, to changing your web browser or even getting a new device could be the simple fix you were looking for.

You don’t always have to rely on a technician to come home, after calling up customer care for two hours, being put on hold, only to find out that there is a huge backlog, and someone will come by in a week’s time.

Your work load won’t wait for you, and why sit and twiddle your thumbs for a week, when the reasons your internet speed could be slow could be revealed with this infographic?

Take a look at where your router is located – by moving it to a more central location, your speeds could pick up. Realised your internet was slow last week when all your friends came over? When there is a sudden influx of users connected to your network, your connection will feel the strain and slow down to accommodate every connected user’s online needs.

But hey, if text is not your thing (and we know it can get tedious reading through everything), just take a look at the infographic – every point is neatly laid out.

Check if any of these factors could be affecting your internet speed and hopefully you’ll be able to address the problem yourself, or even have an idea on what to tell your tech wizard friend to look for. A step in the right direction is all we need to get more tech savvy; after all, we’re all connected in the cyber world.What Affects your Internet Speed (Infographics)



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